Thursday, December 30, 2010
Soybeans, identical to tofu. But, not only famous for knowing it. Soybean meal turned out to have been full of nutrients for the skin beauty. Oil content, protein, vitamins and minerals from the types of nuts can make your skin well groomed. From soybeans, soy oil is now being produced that are useful to nourish the skin.

Entering the age of 30 years, facial skin in women looks increasingly bleak. This is due to air pollution which damage the skin. Essential fatty acids contained in soy may help protect the skin from UV rays. A study published in Lancet Oncology revealed that consumption of foods containing essential fatty acid levels can help some types of cancer.

Soybean oil also helps block the entry of direct exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke and pollution on the skin. With a high content of antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin B complex, where both are essential elements to create a beautiful shiny skin. In addition, soy can also protect from wrinkles that arise due to premature aging.

Soy-based foods are not only found in the know. Today, many emerging soy-based food products can be found on the market. Like soy bars, soy protein that is usually in powder form, soy milk, cheese, yogurt and even with a sense of soy. Hopefully Helpful
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Monday, December 27, 2010
In the durian season, this fruit can be produced in abundance, especially in centers of production in the region. Traditionally, fruit flesh is usually exaggerated preserved by cooking with sugar into dodol durian (commonly called Lempok), or make tempoyak. Furthermore, tempoyak a sour taste can be used as food ingredients such as chili tempoyak, or to a mixture of cooking fish.

Durian is often processed into a mixture of traditional cakes, such as gelamai or dodol. Sometimes, durian sticky rice mixed in a dish of rice (sticky rice) along with coconut milk. In today's world, durian (or smell) are commonly mixed in candy, ice cream, milk, and various other types of beverages.

Durian especially those maintained for its fruit, which is generally eaten (arilus or coated seeds) in a fresh condition. Coated seeds are generally sweet and very nutritious because they contain lots of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals.

Seeds can be eaten as a snack after boiled or baked, or mixed in durian compote. Raw durian seeds are poisonous and can not be eaten because it contains fatty acids siklopropena (cyclopropene). Durian seeds contain about 27% amylose.

Some parts of the plant is sometimes used as ingredients of traditional medicine. Roots used as a drug fever. The leaves, mixed with jeringau (Acorus Calamus), used to cure cantengan (infection of the nails). Men to treat skin rash on the skin (scab) and constipation (constipation). Rind is also used to be burned and the ashes used in potions to launch abort menstrual and womb. Ash ash and water immersion is also used as a mixture of traditional dyes.

Some communities in Java using durian skin that has been eaten as a repellent (Repellent) mosquitoes by putting them in a corner. Gubalnya wood paneling and white colored reddish. Lightweight, but not very durable and easily attacked by termites. Usually used as furniture, packing crates, and light construction materials under the roof, provided no contact with the ground. Each 100 g of coated seeds contain 67 g of water, 28.3 g carbohydrate, 2.5 g fat, 2.5 g protein, 1.4 g fiber; and has a value of 520 kJ of energy. Durian also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, and potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
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Fruits & Benefits For Health

Fruit is one type of food that contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are generally very good to eat every day. Compared with chemical drugs supplements sold in the shops, the fruit is much safer without the dangerous side effects as well as from the generally much cheaper price than the supplements that have the same function.

1. TOMATO FRUIT (Tomato)
- Tomato contains vitamins A, B1 and C.
- Tomatoes can help cleanse the liver and blood of our hearts.
- Tomatoes may prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. Bleeding gums
b. Appendix
c. Prostate cancer and breast cancer
d. Blood clotting

2. WATERMELON FRUIT (Watermelon)
- Watermelon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Watermelon can be allergy.
- Watermelon has a utility / other health functions such as:
such as:
a. lower cholesterol levels.
b. prevent and resist heart attack.

3. FRUIT Melon (Honeydew)
- Melon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Melon contain an anti-cancer and anti-oxidants.
- Melon has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. prevent blood clots.
b. cleanse the skin.
c. menlancarkan digestive tract.
d. lower levels of kolestrerol.

- Bananas contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.
- Bananas can help reduce stomach acid.
- Bananas can help maintain water balance in the body.
- The perfect way to cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. disorders of the stomach.
b. heart disease and stroke
c. stress
d. koleterol reduce levels in the blood.

- Strawberries contain provitamin A, vitamin B1, B and C.
- Stobery substances contain antioxidants to fight free radicals.
- Strawberries have their uses / other health functions such as:
a. treat health disorders of the bladder.
b. become anti-virus
c. into anti-cancer

- Mango contains vitamins A, E and C.
- Mango can act as a disinfectant.
- Mango to cleanse the blood.
- Mango can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. body odor / bb / unpleasant body odor.
b. lose body heat during a fever.

7. FRUIT PAPAYA (pawpaw)
- Papaya contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Papaya can help break down dietary fiber in the digestive system.
- Papaya can mebuat gastrointestinal smooth food.
- Papaya can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. eliminate the infection.
c. eliminate allergies

- Pear contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Pear contains anti-oxidants are good for maintaining health.
- Pear may prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. reduce fever / hot body.
b. dilute and eliminating phlegm in cough with phlegm.

- Apple contains vitamins A, B and C.
- Aple can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
- Apple has the usability / function of other health such as:
a. into anti-cancer substances.
b. reducing appetite is too big.

- Oranges contain vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
- Oranges contain anticancer for the body.
- Citrus can prevent and treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. treating canker sores.
b. reduce the risk of cardiovascular, cancer and cataracts.

- Guava contain vitamin C that very much.
- Guava contain antioxidant and anticancer substances.
- Guava has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. lower blood cholesterol levels
b. treat infections.
c. keep treating canker sores.
d. accelerate blood circulation.
e. launched the digestive tract.
f. prevent constipation.

12. CARROT FRUIT (Carrot)
- Carrots are rich in vitamin A.
- Carrots to maintain good eye health.
- Carrots have a purpose / function of other health such as:
a. increase immunity and physical endurance.
b. keep the heart healthy.

13. STAR FRUIT FRUIT (Star Fruit)
- Star fruit contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Starfruit can help facilitate the digestion of food.
- Starfruit has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. lowering blood pressure.
b. lower levels / levels of cholesterol in the body.

14. FRUIT PINEAPPLE (Pineapple)
- Pineapple contains vitamin B and C.
- Pineapple can prevent heart attack and stroke / receipt.
- Pineapple can treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. cure the infection in the digestive tract.
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Pembusukan Pada Gigi

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Jangan biarkan lubang kecil pada gigi. Pembusukan diawali dengan masalah gigi yang biasanya disepelekan orang. Sebagian orang mengobati masalah lubang pada gigi dengan berbagai cara, tetapi belum tentu masalah tersebut hilang karena dalam mulut terdapat lebih dari 6 milyar mikroba yang berbahaya. Yang perlu dijaga adalah kondisi bakteri tersebut normal.

Bakteri tersebut sebenarnya tidak bermasalah jika jumlahnya seimbang. Tapi, jika tidak harmonis akan muncul gangguan seperti karies (gigi berlubang), penyakit peyangga gigi (periodental) atau infeksi. Karies yang masih kecil dan belum begitu dalam mungkin tidak mengganggu, tetapi jika dibiarkan akan terjadi infeksi/pembusukan. Jika gusi sudah terinfeksi, pembuluh darah yang terbuka karena gusi berdarah menjadi jalan masuk bakteri. Kuman masuk di peredaran darah maka akan mengakibatkan berbagai penyakit.

Macam-macam pembusukan pada gigi:
1. Pembusukan di permukaan yang licin/rata: yaitu jenis pembusukan yang paling bisa dicegah, diperbaiki, dan tumbuhnya paling lambat. Sebuah karies dimulai dengan bintik hitam. Disitu bakteri melarutkan kalsium dari email. Pembusukan jenis ini biasanya mulai pada usia 20-30 tahun.

2. Pembusukan lubang dan lekukan: dimulai pada usia belasan tahun, mengenai gigi tetap dan tumbuhnya cepat. Terbentuk pada gigi belakang, didalam lekukan yang sempit pada permukaan gigi untuk mengunyah, dan bagian gigi yang berhadapan dengan pipi karena di bagian ini sulit untuk dibersihkan.

3. Pembusukan pada akar gigi: Terjadi karena penderita sulit untuk membersihkan daerah pada akar gigi. Biasanya terjadi pada usia pertengahan akhir. Pembusukan akar merupakan jenis pembusukan yang paling sulit dicegah, terjadi pada lapisan gigi yang paling luar dan keras. Tumbuhnya perlahan dan bila menembus ke lapisan kedua (dentin, lebih lunak), pembusukan menyebar cepat dan masuk ke pulpa (lapisan gigi paling dalam yang mengandung saraf dan pembuluh darah).
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Monday, December 20, 2010
Winged or Psophocarpus tetragonolobus is a tropical native plants and spread all over Indonesia. In some areas known as star fruit Nuts (North Sumatra, West Sumatra), Peanut embing (Kilkenny), Jaat (Sunda), Cipir, Winged Bean (Java), Kelongkang (Bali), Biraro (Manado, Ternate). Some of the opinions of academics against the winged bean.

Winged bean plants grow vines, forming a bush. Can reach 3-4 m tall, in cultivation are usually given a buffer, but if left unchecked will cover the soil surface. Trunk cylindrical, edged. Winged bean tuber it was a bit sweet, ivory-colored flesh, firm fibrous such as apples, but the smell is less tasty. Tuber protein (10.9 g) five times higher than the potato, yam and sweet potato.

The compound leaves with three leaflets triangular, 7.0 to 8.5 cm long, pinnate, alternate location, the color green. Winged bean leaves can be used as a cure sore eyes, earache, and ulcers. Leaves, especially the dark green color is rich in provitamin A.

The flowers are single, butterfly type, grown from axillary leaves, petals pale blue and capable of self-pollinated. Flowers winged delicious eaten raw as a salad / vegetable, boiled, or fried. Tastes good like a mushroom. The flowers can be processed into condiments, spices, candy, and a natural dye.

Fruit pod-shaped, elongated, rectangular shaped, pod length between 5-35 cm, about 2.5 cm wide, containing 5-20 seeds. Harvesting is done after 80-120 days after planting, when the pod was approximately 21 days after anthesis. Young pods, is part of the most widely used plants as raw vegetables, can be eaten raw (as vegetable), boiled, or mixed with other vegetables as vegetable acids, vegetable ve, ointment, Karedok, pecel, gado-gado. It can also be processed by pan-fried.

Winged bean has a protein content and oil / fat is very similar to soybean. Winged behenat acidic fatty acids that are not absorbed by the intestine so it does not cause obesity if consumed much by humans.

Some of the benefits of winged bean tubers:
  1. Not old tubers can be eaten after steaming / boiling in water
  2. Can be made chips after boiling, thinly sliced, and fried. Winged bean tubers can be eaten like a yam.
  3. As drugs canker sores with added sugar cube.
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Kenikir Leaf

Cosmos caudatus Kunth, or better known as the leaf kenikir have a fairly distinctive aroma, slightly fragrant and tastes slightly bitter. Shaped leaves are long, with a little orange-yellow flowers. This plant is included in the wild, because almost as a garnish encountered many of the fence. But who would have thought that this plant can be used as a tasty vegetable. One study found that kenikir leaves contain compounds that have antioxidant power that is high enough. Compounds that are antioxidants can stimulate the process of apoptosis through the intrinsic (mitochondrial path). Hyper apoptosis is one way of inhibiting carcinogenesis (cancer causing).

Kenikir leaves contain saponin, flavonoida polyphenols and essential oils. Traditionally the leaves are used as medicine appetite, weak stomach, reinforcing the bone and insect repellent.

Shrubs with a height of 75-100 cm and distinctive smell. Stem erect, square, grooved lengthwise, much branched, purplish-green segmented. The leaves are compound, cross face, sharing pinnate, pointed tip, flat edge, 15-25 cm long, green. Compound interest, a hump, at the end of the stem, the stem ± 25 cm long, crown consists of 8 leaf crown, the length of 1 cm, red, stamens form a tube, blackish brown anthers, pistil-haired, green yellow, red. The fruit is hard, the shape of the needle, the tip-haired, young green after dark chocolate. Seeds hard, small, needle shape, ± 1 cm long, black. Roots riding and white.
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Biji Kiwi Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Jerawat tidak dapat dipisahkan dengan kehidupan remaja, karena perubahan hormon selama masa pubertas dapat merangsang kelenjar penghasil minyak menjadi lebih aktif dan menghasilkan minyak yang berlebihan di kulit. Minyak ini sebenarnya berfungsi melumasi rambut dan kulit. Tetapi, karena jumlahnya yang berlebihan bisa menyumbat pori-pori yang kemudian memicu terjadinya komedo. Jika kebersihan kurang dijaga maka komedo dapat meradang dan berubah menjadi jerawat.

Jerawat dapat mengganggu penampilan dan kepercayaan diri seseorang. Menghilangkan jerawat bukan perkara yang mudah karena jerawat dapat tumbuh berbekas selama berbulan bahkan bertahun-tahun lamanya. Biasanya perawatan jerawat biasanya difokuskan pada bagian luar saja, tanpa diimbangi dengan perawatan bagian dalam. Hasilnya, jika serangkaian perawatan penghilang jerawat dihentikan maka jerawat akan tumbuh kembali dengan jumlah yang lebih banyak dan parah. Ataupun masalah baru akan muncul yaitu bagaimana menghilangkan bekasnya yang berupa flek hitam.

Alam menyediakan bermacam cara untuk merawat kecantikan seperti menghilangkan jerawat yang membandel dengan fruitherapy, atau perawatan kecantikan dengan aneka macam buah. Biji kiwi berdasarkan riset para ahli Jepang, ternyata mampu menghilangkan jerawat dengan aksi triple actionnnya yaitu:
1. Mengendalikan aktivitas kelenjar minyak yang berlebihan
2. Membantu mematikan bakteri penyebab jerawat
3. Menghilangkan alergi yang mengakibatkan gatal dan perih.

Buah kiwi dikombinasikan dengan buah Chasteberry, maka ketidak seimbangan hormonal yang merupakan biang keladi penyebab jerawat yang membandel akan dinormalkan. Tapi, tentu saja jangan lupakan perawatan dari luar (seperti menjaga kebersihan wajah dan konsultasikan ke ahli kesehatan kulit dan wajah).
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
When you are planning to redecorate your house to change the lighting style it makes sense to work on a budget. Anything that works on a structured plan will yield good results. Take a lighting plan for instance, if you carefully study your house, mark all the points that need to be lighted and then decide what kind of lights you need, you will effectively implement your plan for instance, areas like hallways can do with recessed lights. The living room would need a combination of bright and diffused lights.

A light fixture can be helps to create light, now these can be wall light fixtures or ceiling light fixtures. You can even use ceiling fan light fixture. Ceiling light fixtures typically focus downwards and in doing so they create a light pattern on the ceiling. You can use ceiling light fixtures in all the rooms whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, or the hallway. The wide varieties in which ceiling lighting fixtures are available makes them the ideal choice for any kind of decor. To create a theme or lighting effect of your choice you need the ideal ceiling lighting fixture. Most retailers whether online or offline that is in stores sell a wide variety of ceiling light fixture starting from ceiling fan light fixtures to ceiling mount light fixtures.

A few decorative lamps like desk lamps and hanging lamps and etc, will perfectly light up this room where people spend a lot of time. The Kitchen or dinning area may need a combination of task or utilitarian lights whereas the bedroom may require some diffused lighting as that is the room where you want to relax after a hard days work. Bathrooms could again make use of recessed lights especially over the vanities and the shower area. Marking all these spots and noting down the different types of lights and light fixtures that you need will help you in two ways, firstly you have less likelihood of missing vital details and you can even decide to change some options if you find better, cost effective or power saving alternatives.
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Lamp as illumination is needed for a home, it can brighten, add color and warmth, and illuminate specific areas of your household but not all the lamp have a good quality. Well, you are going to have to learn a bit before choosing the lamp because there are a lot of options in front of you i.e. Halogen, Low Voltage and Display Lamps.

Halogen mains par 16, 20 and 30. GU10/GZ10. Display lamps clear and coloured, R50 to RO80. Halogen strip lights 100w to 500w.

So suggest to choose lamp with saving energy but have a bright light such as a Low Voltage Halogen Lamps (12V) bi-pin halogen fixture with a high power LED “bulb” that will use less power (<10W), last longer (50,000 hrs), and give approximately the same light output (~300 lumens) a light source equivalent to a regular 50W halogen bulb.

This type of fixture is most often used as an accent light or focused task or down light such as display cases, reading lights and desk lamps. Also more kind of desk lamps offer beauty and function will adding light to any desk to make your working easier.
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Muslim Clothing Business

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
At present, Muslim clothing business, the more crowded done by women because Muslim dress is very busy looking for buyers, especially in the fasting month and Idul Fitri. The model is also not out of date, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Apart from Muslim clothes, you can sell other accessories such as hoods, mukenah, cap, and others.

Some tips to start this business:
1. Wholesale and Retail
If you have a large capital, you can dive as a wholesale seller. That is, you become the first person who buys from producers and resell it in large quantities as well. Advantages, you can get goods at extremely low prices because it directly from the source first. Conversely, if only a little capital, you can become a seller at retail. As a retailer, you can take advantage 30-100%. By purchasing an item a maximum of 1 scores (20 pieces).

2. Design Your Own
If you have the ability to design, you can dive as sellers as well as producers (make their own products will you sell). To produce your own, you do not need to have its own convection . You can use the system makloon. With this system you can simply provide a design and materials.

3. Fashion Trends
To note, both as a seller or manufacturer, you must have the ability to see trends. In fact, it would be nice if you could create a trend itself. Because clothing is an ever-changing product design from time to time. Attractive design and follow the latest trends would have attracted many buyers. That's why, for you "the new players" need to equip themselves with knowledge about the design, development of fashion, color trends, and new models according to market demands.

4. Shopping Centre Area Sales
Another thing must be noted is the place to get quality goods at cheap prices (if you do not produce the goods themselves). You can buy it directly in the center of a lot of cheap clothing in the area Kawalu (Tasikmalaya) and Soreang (Bandung), West Java. These places are known as centers of Muslim clothing.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Food as an important factor in human life, because the food has a great influence on the development of physical and spiritual. Food sources were divided into 2 types: namely vegetable (derived from plants) and animal (derived from animals). From animal sources are meat, milk, eggs and fish are good sources of protein containing amino acid that is needed by the body.

For the kids: the protein serves to support the growth and form tissues in the body and brain. As for the elderly: the protein useful for replacing and repairing the body's cells that have been damaged. For pregnant and lactating women: protein needed to prevent anemia.

Each person has different needs in consuming protein. 1 gram of protein per 1 kg body weight / day. More big and heavy man, the more active tissue, so the more protein is needed to sustain or maintain these networks.

Protein deficiency can lead to:
  1. Hair loss (hair is made up of 97-100% of the protein-Keratin)
  2. Kwashiorkor, the protein deficiency disease. Usually in young children suffering from malnutrition and famine, caused by the filtration of water in the blood vessels can cause hipotonus, impaired growth, liver fat
  3. Protein deficiency resulted in a continuous marasmus and death.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Seaweed contains essential minerals (iron, iodine, aluminum, manganese, calcium, soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine. Silicon, rubidium, strontium, barium, titanium, cobalt, boron, copper, potassium, and other elements) , nucleic acids, amino acids, proteins, minerals, trace elements, flour, sugar and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

1. As Material medicine (anticoagulant, antibiotics, antihehmethes, antihypertensive agents, reducing cholesterol, dilatory agents and insecticides.

2. Due to the high nutritional content, it can improve work systems hormonal, lymphatic, and nervous too.

3. Increase the body's defense function, improve heart and circulatory system of blood, and digestive system.

4. Traditional medicine for coughs, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, intestinal worms, abdominal pain, fever, rheumatism, and even believed to increase sexual power.

5. Body needs iodine to prevent goiter disease.

6. Chlorophyll content of seaweed is anti-carcinogenic, fiber, selenium and zinc are high on the seaweed to reduce estrogen (estrogen is too high to encourage the emergence of cancer, so consumption of seaweed to reduce the risk of cancer and even treat).

7. The content of vitamin C and antioxidants to fight free radicals.

8. High in fiber which can prevent colon cancer, aid digestion, increase the water content in feces.

9. Helps metabolize fat, thus lowering blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Seaweeds also help treat peptic ulcers, colitis, constipation and other digestive disorders.

10. Can help the absorption of excess salt in the body.

11. Good for the diet, reducing the risk of obesity, the seaweed fiber is filling and stodgy carbohydrate content so that it will cause the feeling full longer.

12. Anti-oxidants play a role in healing and skin rejuvenation. Vitamin A (beta carotene) and vitamin C its work in maintaining collagen, whereas the protein content of seaweed is important to form a new network of the skin. So Prevents premature aging.

13. Contains calcium ten times higher than the milk, so that very precise seaweed consumed to reduce symptoms and prevent osteoporosis.
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Tooth And Treatment

You feel your teeth are healthy enough, because you never feel toothache, or pain when eating foods that are cold or sweet. But it true that your teeth healthy? Not necessarily. If your teeth begin to turn yellow due to coffee habit, or gums look thinner, it was a sign you are also going through a serious dental problem. For that, consider the following practices to determine whether the health of your teeth is enough security.

1. Brushing your teeth too hard
Using a toothbrush with hard bristles, coupled with the pressure that is too strong when brushing your teeth, can damage the protective enamel of the tooth permanently. This has lead to sensitive teeth and tooth cavity and also causes the gums back (thinned). We recommend using a toothbrush with soft fur, then brush with a circular motion for 2 minutes, at least 2 times a day. Toothbrush with a slim head can move easily within the mouth is small, while the long handle of the brush is more able to reach the rear molars than short.

2. The wrong toothpaste
Do not immediately believe the toothpaste that claimed to contain a variety of useful materials. Some of the toothpaste, particularly those designed as "tartar control" can cause abrasion. Toothpaste containing rough granules can erode tooth enamel and cause gum thinning. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

3. Not using dental floss
Bacteria on the teeth can develop into plaque, the primary cause cavities and gum disease. Use dental floss 1 time a day to get rid of plaque.

4. Often drinking soft drinks
Soft drinks contain a lot fosforik acid, which over time can erode teeth. If you used to enjoy this drink, use a straw to minimize direct contact with gear fluid. Do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards.

5. Foods that leave stains
Tooth enamel is like a sponge. Food / drinks that leave stains on plates or cups, such as coffee, tea, drinks berkola, marinara sauce, or soy sauce, will also make the teeth gradually become yellow. Ask your dentist to perform laser whitening treatments, bleaching, or Prophy Power, a new procedure in which sodium bicarbonate (soft bleach) mixed with a strong blast of water to remove the stain without losing enamel. Toothpaste with a little bleach can indeed whiten teeth, but tend to be too sharp for the enamel.

6. Fond of snacking
Every time you eat something, especially a sweet or starchy, bacteria that normally live in the mouth will create an acid to break down food. However, these acids can also attack the teeth, causing tooth decay. Instead, choose fruits and vegetables are crisp (like apples or carrots), either as a side dish or as a snack. Dental health experts consider these foods as a natural toothbrush because of its effect on plaque-like detergents. Chewing sugarless gum like Xylitol also helps prevent cavities, by increasing the flow of saliva. Saliva flowing will repel the bacteria that cause cavities.

7. Using the teeth as tools
Open a bag of chips made of aluminum foil and loosen the knot using a tooth can cause tooth was cracked and broken, and damage to dental work is being done. Other Habits that damage the teeth is chewing ice cubes, chocolate that has been frozen, or candy.

8. Ignoring a dental problem
Bleeding gums, and who had chronic halitosis, is an indication of gum disease. To cope with bad breath, drink enough water to keep the mouth moist, and remove excess bacteria with pengerok tongue (many are sold in pharmacies). To prevent bleeding gums, brush your teeth regularly and using dental floss. Immediately to the doctor if not cured.

9. Avoiding the dentist
It is advisable to check the health of your teeth 2 times a year, but this suggestion seems likely to be ignored. In fact, if the gums have a problem, at least we have the control to the doctor every 3 months.

10. Ignoring lip
No matter how good the condition of your teeth, your smile will not look bright if allowed to dry lips and chapped. The skin on the lips, the thinner skin than others, tend to lose moisture and change with age. Using a moisturizing lip balm with every day would be very helpful.
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Tawas Dapat Mengurangi Bau Badan

Friday, November 19, 2010
Keringat kita dihasilkan oleh dua kelenjar, yaitu kelenjar accrine dan kelenjar apocrine. Kelenjar accrine memproduksi keringat bening dan tidak berbau yang dikeluarkan sejak bayi, dan biasanya muncul di tangan, punggung, serta dahi. Sedangkan kelenjar apocrine terdapat di tempat-tempat tertentu, terutama di daerah perakaran rambut seperti ketiak, kemaluan, dan di dalam hidung. Kelenjar apocrine bersifat aktif setelah masa pubertas. Kelenjar accrine mengeluarkan cairan yang banyak mengandung air dan tidak berbau. Cairan tersebut berfungsi menurunkan kondisi tubuh pada waktu tertentu. Sedangkan kelenjar apocrine mengandung asam lemak jenuh dengan cairan lebih kental dan berminyak.

Sebenarnya, cairan yang dihasilkan oleh kelenjar apocrine hanya berbau lemak. Namun, karena di setiap helai rambut terdapat satu apocrine dan mengandung bakteri yang berperan dalam proses pembusukan, maka timbul bau badan yang tak sedap. Terkadang ada orang yang mempunyai kelenjar apocrine lebih besar, sehingga produksi keringatnya lebih besar dan pembusukan bakterinya juga lebih banyak. Jika kelenjar apocrine mengeluarkan keringat sedikit tapi kita tidak membersihkannya dan kemudian tercampur bakteri, bau badan pun akan muncul di tubuh kita. Apalagi jika kita sering menyantap makanan protein tinggi, seperti daging kambing (karena dapat melebarkan pembuluh darah), durian, bawang goreng, merokok, minuman keras, dan obat antibiotika.

Banyak cara yang dilakukan untuk menghilangkan bau badan tak sedap, salah satunya adalah dengan menggunakan tawas setelah mandi. Tawas (Alumen, K2 Al2 SO4 H2O) adalah salah satu jenis batu-batuan, warnanya putih, bening, semi transparan. Sifat tawas yang kedap air biasa digunakan dalam kandungan deodorant/roll-on yang berfungsi untuk mencegah keringat dan bau badan. Penggunaan tawas yang baik adalah mengoleskan langsung batu tawas di ketiak.
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Konsumsi Daging & Dampaknya Untuk Kesehatan

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Daging masih menjadi makanan favorit banyak orang dibandingkan sayuran. Tetapi tanpa disadari, masyarakat semestinya sudah mulai mengurangi konsumsi daging karena daging bisa merusak lingkungan dan kesehatan, dan harus perbanyak dengan konsumsi sayur dan ikan. Daging yang terhidang di piring adalah sesuatu yang prosesnya boros energi, merusak lingkungan, tidak efektif, dan menjadi pemicu beragam penyakit. Untuk setiap 1 kg daging sapi, butuh 6,5 kg jagung dan dedaunan.Sedangkan untuk menghasilkan 1 kg daging kambing, butuh 4,5 kg. Ini boros. Termasuk boros air, karena hewan butuh banyak air.

Proses penggemukan hewan ternak dilakukan dengan obat-obatan kimia, hal ini jelas tidak sehat. Industri daging juga berkontribusi pada terjadinya pemanasan global. Artinya adalah pola makan kita harus cepat diubah. Kurangi banyak konsumsi daging, dan perbanyak menu nabati. Memang sulit mengubah kebiasaan masyarakat yang telanjur suka dengan daging dan menempatkan daging sebagai makanan bergengsi. Daging itu tak perlu dikonsumsi (karena tubuh tak membutuhkan) dan manusia bisa hidup sehat hanya dengan makan sayur dan buah (tumbuhan).

Saat ini masyarakat memang seakan terus digiring oleh pasar konsumen besar dan iklan-iklan untuk gemar memakan daging, terutama dengan hadirnya restoran-restoran fast food yang mudah sekali ditemui karena bertebaran dimana-mana. Kita kerap terlupa ketika dihadapi pilihan makanan dari olahan daging, darimana asal daging tersebut, lupa bahwa hewan ternak itu digemukkan dengan zat kimia, lupa bahwa daging itu sumber penyakit, lupa bahwa sudah banyak orang jatuh sakit akibat kebanyakan makan daging dan juga jeroan. Dan parahnya, industri sekarang menggiring masyarakat terutama anak-anak untuk banyak mengkonsumsi daging. Kita sebagai penentu pilihan makanan mana yang bermanfaat bagi kita (juga untuk keluarga ), hendaknya memutuskan apa yang perlu mengkonsumsi daging atau tidak.
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Neutralizes Stomach Acid With Goat Milk

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Heartburn occurs due to the disruption or inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach wall because of excessive stomach acid production. Gastritis can take place in a short time, relapsed, recurrent or chronic. Those affected feel heartburn symptoms such as pain, heartburn, wrapped around the gut (especially on an empty stomach). Usually the pain will get better after eating and drinking, but several hours later appeared again. Not infrequently the presenting symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite and body weak.

Heartburn can be caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria, stimulation of gastric acid production by various causes and medicines that can cause burning in the stomach. The use of various medications (eg pain medication and sore from the class of salicylate such as aspirin / asetosal) apparently can irritate the stomach wall so that the stomach feels sore. Therefore, this medicine should be taken after meals.

Habit of consuming spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol and coffee can stimulate gastric acid production. Irregular eating habits and smoking increases the risk of stomach ulcers. Psychological factors have a significant role in increasing the production of stomach acid. Beware if you often feel anxious, emotional or stressed it will increase the production of gastric acid and esophageal ulcer. Antacids are substances that can neutralize the excess stomach acid. And it turns out that goat milk is milk that have a natural antacid content. So be safely consumed. Not only the antacid is contained in goat's milk, but many other substances that are beneficial to the body.
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Herbal Ganggang Laut (Algie)

Monday, November 15, 2010
Banyak cara yang dapat dilakukan jika seseorang mengalami masalah pada lingkaran mata. Mulailah perawatan sendiri di rumah hingga mengambil treatment khusus di salon kecantikan. Tetapi jangan sembarangan mengambil treatment karena mata merupakan area sensitive dan tipis sekali, jadi harus extra hati-hati. Pasien akan dianjurkan untuk mengambil treatment dari bahan herbal, misalnya ganggang laut (algie).

Faktor genetik sangat berpengaruh dimana lingkaran hitam akan terlihat ketika seseorang makin berumur. Lingkaran hitam juga disebabkan polusi asap dan debu yang mengenai kulit di sekitar mata. Pembuluh darah disekitarnya akan membesar, dan tubuh mengeluarkan zat kimia dan disalurkan oleh darah melalui pembuluh darah tersebut untuk mengurangi dampak negatif dari polusi. Kulit di seputar mata hanya memiliki kandungan minyak alami yang sangat sedikit, walaupun jenis kulit wajah Anda termasuk berminyak. Tidak heran daerah tersebut menjadi lebih sensitif dan mudah berkerut.

Manfaat herbal ganggang laut:
1. Sangat baik untuk kesehatan.
2. Penetralisir kolesterol dan anti kanker
3. Sebagai anti oksidan dan kecantikan kulit.
4. Penyeimbang PH tubuh.
5. Membantu melembutkan kulit
6. Membantu detoksifikasi racun-racun dalam tubuh

Beberapa tahapan membersihkan dengan menggunakan ganggang laut:
  1. Membersihkan di sekitar area mata dan bibir menggunakan milk cleansing
  2. Massage menggunakan herbal skin eye (membantu melancarkan peredaran darah di sekitar mata)
  3. Oleskan serum yang berfungsi sebagai pencerahan untuk mata.
  4. Masker, berfungsi untuk melembutkan, melembabkan, anti aging dan antioksidan daerah sekitar mata dan bibir.
  5. Kompres dingin sebagai relaksasi.
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Mie Instan, Berbahayakah?

Sunday, November 14, 2010
Sudah bukan hal yang baru lagi jika sering memakan mie instan memang tidak menyehatkan. Tetapi, sebenarnya mie instan tidak berbahaya untuk dikonsumsi. Jika setiap hari memakan mie instan dampaknya tentu membahayakan kesehatan, terutama merusak organ ginjal. Karena kadar natrium dalam mie instan akan menetralkan lambung, sehingga lambung akan mensekresi asam yang lebih banyak untuk mencerna makanan. Keadaan asam lambung yang tinggi akan mengakibatkan pengikisan dinding lambung dan menyebabkan rasa perih. Dalam proses pembuatannya, mie instan yang mempunyai bentuk sangat panjang dilipat, digoreng, dan dikeringkan dengan oven panas. Dalam proses penggorengan ini, mie akan mengandung lemak.

Bagi penderita hipertensi, natrium akan meningkatkan hipertensi, natrium akan meningkatkan tekanan darah karena ketidakseimbangan antara bumbu-bumbu yang terdapat dalam kemasan makanan instan, mengandung bahan pengawet, kadar MSG, dan garam yang tinggi. Apabila bahan pengawet dan MSG ini dikonsumsi secara terus-menerus secara berkepanjangan maka akan berdampak buruk pada kesehatan. Kandungan utama yang lain dari mie adalah karbohidrat, protein tepung (gluten), dan lemak, baik yang dari mie nya sendiri maupun minyak sayur dalam sachet. Jika dilihat komposisi gizinya, mie memang tinggi kalori, tapi kurang zat-zat gizi penting lain seperti vitamin, mineral dan serat.

Tips memasak mie instan agar lebih aman.
masak air sampai mendidih, dengan takaran air dua kali lebih banyak dibandingkan masakan mie instan dengan cara biasa. Jika air sudah benar-benar mendidih, pisahkan air menjadi dua bagian misalnya anda tuang ke dalam dua panci yang berbeda. Masukkan mie ke panci pertama dan didihkan kembali. Tunggu hingga air menjadi agak menguning, setelah itu, angkat dan tiriskan.

Oleh sebab itu, kurangilah makan makanan yang serba instan terutama mie instan. Lebih baik menjaga kesehatan daripada mengalami sakit.
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Friday, November 12, 2010
Drugs are chemical substances which, when inserted into the human body, either orally or by mouth, inhaled or injection (intravenous) that can change minds, moods, or feelings and behavior. There are many types of substance and each substance has different effects for the body. The drugs commonly used for treatment and research. Drug abuse is the use of drugs and other dangerous substances with intent rather than for treatment or research purposes and are used without following the rules and the correct dose. The use of continuous and ongoing will lead to addiction or dependency.

There are many factors that encourage us to abusing drugs.
1. Individual Factors : Drug abuse is influenced by the state of mental, physical, and psychological one. Mental conditions such as personality disorders, depression, and mental disorders can increase one's propensity to abuse drugs.
Individual factors is generally determined by two aspects, namely:
  • Biological aspects: According Schuchettada, evidence suggests that genetic factors play a role in alcoholism and some forms of deviant behavior, including substance abuse.
  • Psychological Aspects: Most of the drug abuse starts in adolescence: Some of the characteristic development of adolescence is to encourage people to abuse drugs, namely: lack of self confidence, unable to resolve any problems encountered, trial and an opportunity to gain new experience all of it can cause a teenager falling into drug abuse.
There are 5 factors why a person can become drug users:
  1. The need to reduce frustration and aggressive drive and the inability to delay gratification.
  2. There is no clear sexual identification.
  3. Lack of awareness and efforts to achieve goals that can be socially acceptable.
  4. Using the grazing behavior to demonstrate the ability of self-harm.
  5. Pressing boredom.
2. Factors Drug / Substance
The presence of changes in value caused by the changing times in connection with the meaning and reasons for the use of substances psikoaktiva. Sleeping pills, for example, are now widely used without a prescription to help someone who have difficulty sleeping. Thus, those who do not use will experience strong social pressure (usually from peers) to try and wear them. The belief that the drug can help improve confidence and reduce the burden on the matter at hand. The nature of narcotic and psychotropic drug class is addiction and tolerance and circulation of more numerous and easily obtained.

3. Environmental Factors
a. Family Relationships: Usually harmonious family that does not have a problem with the abuse of drugs / substances, such as the mother is too dominant, overprotective, authoritarian father or indifferent to the family. Or parents who impose the will of the child that encourages children to escape into the wild dreams through medication. Poor quality of family relationships can lead to drug abuse / illicit substance increases. Drug abuse / illicit substances are also influenced by the habits of other family members, such as parents and brother who also use drugs / substances is prohibited.
b. Effect of Friend: Influence friend for the abuse of drugs / banned substances is very large. Punishment by a group of peers, especially excommunication for those who try to quit, feels heavier than the drug itself.

All drugs and substances can harm the body if consumed not by the rules of usage. How big is the effect on the body depending on the type of drugs used, how much and often use them, how to wear, and if used in conjunction with other drugs. Effects of drugs on the human body also depends on the various psychological factors, such as personality, expectations or feeling when wearing, and biological factors such as weight gain and allergic tendencies. Physiologically, the organs most affected are the central nervous system (CNS: brain and spinal cord), autonomic organs (heart, lung, liver, kidneys), the five senses because that is affected is the CNS.

The characteristics of people (teenagers) who do not use drugs:
  1. Physically and mentally healthy.
  2. Having good social adaptation skills.
  3. Has the nature of honest and responsible.
  4. Having ideals is rational.
  5. Can fill your free time positively.
Characteristics of people (teenagers) are potentially at risk of abusing drugs:
  1. Is easily frustrated and have to overcome the disappointment tends to aggressive and destructive / disruptive.
  2. If has an desire can not wait, should be met immediately.
  3. Often feel tired, depressed, moody, feel unable to do something useful in everyday life.
  4. Like looking for sensation, doing things that are dangerous or risky.
  5. There is no passion to succeed in education, employment, or other activities, poor academic achievement, participation in activities outside of school less, lack of exercise, and tend to overeat.
  6. Always inferior, always anxious, apathetic, withdrawn from society, depression, and less able to cope with stress.
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Menjaga Kesuburan Rambut

Memiliki Rambut yang panjang dan lebat adalah dambaan setiap orang terutama kaum wanita, namun kadang kita merasa tidak percaya diri saat rambut rontok dan susah tumbuh panjang, tetapi tidak perlu frustasi selama usia masih memungkinkan untuk tumbuh rambut yang panjang dan indah.

Berikut tips yang bisa membantu mengatasi masalah rambut:
1. Buatlah aliran darah dikepala menjadi lancar sehingga pasokan nutrisi menjadi lebih banyak menuju ke arah rambut.
- Pijat kulit kepala dengan ujung jari setiap hari, lakukan kapan saja pada waktu keramas atau pada waktu kering
- Tundukkan kepala sebelum tidur, sikat rambut dengan lembut mulai akar sampai ujung rambut
- Rutinlah olah raga yang memacu kekuatan jantung seperti aerobik, jogging dan lain-lain, sehingga memacu jantung untuk mempompa nutrisi lebih cepat ke seluruh tubuh dan juga memasok sampai ke kepala.

2. Hilangkan ujung rambut yang rusak
Rambut yang rusak dan bercabang bisa merambat ke batang rambut sehingga batang rambut ikut rusak jika tidak di rawat. Jika dibiarkan terlalu lama seluruh rambut dapat menjadi rusak,
Cara pencegahanya: kunjungi penata rambut/salon langganan setiap 8-10 minggu sekali, dan minta ia untuk men-trim ujung rambut. Tegaskan bahwa Anda hendak memanjangkan rambut sehingga ia hanya memotong ujung-ujung rambut yang pecah- pecah saja. Biasanya penata rambut tersebut akan memotong dalam keadaan kering karena sangat sukar mendeteksi ujung rambut yang pecah dalam keadaan basah.

3. Biarkan kulit kepala bernapas
Rambut yang tertutup terus menerus akan membuat minyak dan kotoran menumpuk pada akar rambut sehingga kulit tidak bisa bernapas. Hal ini akan membuat pertumbuhan rambut menjadi terganggu. Agar pertumbuhan rambut berjalan baik, maka jaga agar kulit kepala senantiasa bersih. Jika Anda sering berkeringat, atau rambut sering berminyak maka tidak ada salahnya untuk melakukan keramas tiap hari dengan menggunakan sampo yang sangat lembut. Jangan lupakan pula akan kebersihan perangkat rias rambut, terutama sisir. Sisir dan sikat rambut yang kotor membuat kotoran menumpuk kembali menempel di rambut dan kulit kepala tiap kali kita memakainya.

4. Manjakan rambut Anda
Perlu diketahui bahwa rambut panjang adalah rambut yang tua dan cenderung rapuh, karena itu perlakukan dengan sangat hati-hati.Pilih shampo yang lembut dengan kandungan pelembap. Jikamenggunakan hairdryer, catok dan sebagainya, olesi dengan kondisoner dan serum setelah keramas tanpa dibilas. Berguna untuk melindungi rambut dari suhu tinggi. Seminggu sekali gunakan masker rambut. Selain itu, cermati cara Anda menata rambut. Jangan terlalu sering mengikat rambut ke belakang dengan kencang. Akan membuat rambut mudah patah.
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Belanja Online

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Siapa yang tidak suka belanja? Setiap manusia, besar kecil, tua muda pasti senang berbelanja. Karena setiap manusia mempunyai kebutuhan untuk hidupnya. Belanja online adalah solusi terbaik saat ini. Karena dengan belanja online memungkinkan kita untuk menemukan dan membeli apa yang dibutuhkan, tanpa harus terburu-buru untuk membeli dengan banyak pilihan produk dan jasa. Dengan toko/pasar tradisional, kita hanya memiliki persediaan terbatas untuk memilih dan mungkin tidak menemukan apa yang dicari. Ketika kita berbelanja di pasar tradisional, sering berakhir menyia-nyiakan waktu dalam satu hari. Tetapi, ketika kita berbelanja online, kita tidak perlu khawatir tentang toko dan dengan waktu yang tak terbatas setiap saat 24 jam sehari selama satu minggu.

Saat ini, kebanyakan dari kita menjalani kehidupan sibuk. Dengan keluarga dan tanggung jawab pekerjaan, kita nyaris tidak punya waktu untuk diri sendiri. Kita dapat menyimpan banyak waktu ketika kita berbelanja online. Yang terpenting, dalam kegiatan belanja online ini terjalin suatu kerjasama yang baik dan saling menjaga kepercayaan antara pembeli dan penjual.

Manfaat dari belanja online:
  1. Menghemat waktu dan tenaga karena tidak perlu pergi ke toko yang menjual barang yang dibutuhkan.
  2. Terhindar dari kemacetan di jalan raya yang dapat membuat stress, apalagi bila cuaca tidak bersahabat seperti: panas, angin, hujan dan bisa saja terjebak banjir.
  3. Menghemat biaya karena tidak mengeluarkan ongkos transportasi seperti BBM, tariff Tol, dan ongkos parkir yang semakin mahal.
  4. Proses pembelian yang mudah, cukup pesan melalui email, kemudian transfer pembayaran melalui internet banking/mobile banking/ATM, lalu tinggal duduk dan tunggu barang kiriman.
  5. Bisa berbelanja kapan saja (24 jam sehari).
  6. Dapat dilakukan sambil santai di ruang kerja atau kamar sendiri sambil melakukan aktivitas yang lain.
  7. Terhindar dari keramaian/antrian/hiruk pikuk/berdesak-desakan di tempat belanja.
  8. Secara total, belanja menjadi lebih hemat.
  9. Bisa membaca informasi masing-masing produk di website toko online yang dikunjungi dengan lebih detail dan santai.
  10. Mengurangi jumlah kendaraan di jalan raya, cukup Pak Kurir saja yang berseliweran di jalan mengantar barang-barang kita. (terima kasih kepada bapak-bapak pengantar barang)
  11. Mau belanja online? Buka komputer dan tinggal di klik aja.
  12. Selamat berbelanja ya !!
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Tanaman Selasih Dan Manfaatnya

Monday, November 8, 2010
Salah satu tanaman obat yang banyak digunakan oleh masyarakat Indonesia untuk mengobati berbagai macam penyakit adalah tanaman selasih. Kegunaan tanaman ini sangat banyak, oleh karena itu tanaman ini disebut tanaman serbaguna. Dari bermacam-macam senyawa yang terdapat dalam selasih, minyak atsiri merupakan salah satu komponen yang baik bagi kesehatan. Tanaman selasih mengandung minyak atsiri, yang terdiri dari ocimene, alpha pinene, encalyptole, linalol, geraniol, dan eugenol metil eter. Biji selasih mengandung zat kimia yaitu saponin, flavonoid, dan polifenol.

Selasih berfungsi untuk menambah nafsu makan, membantu pencernaan, menyehatkan jantung, mengobati batuk, menurunkan panas, menghilangkan sesak napas, mengobati diare, mengobati eksim dan koreng. Minyak atsiri daun selasih ungu (Ocimum sanctum Linn) mempunyai aktivitas antibakteri terhadap S. aureus dan E. coli .Sehingga berfungsi sebagai antibiotika.

Selasih juga merupakan fungisida untuk mengendalikan Pyricularia oryzae yang merupakan penyebab penyakit bercak dan busuk daun yang menyerang tanaman padi. Kandungan eugenol pada minyak atsiri daun selasih mampu menekan pertumbuhan nematoda tanaman lada.

Daun selasih digunakan sebagai sayuran atau lalapan untuk menambah nafsu makan (appetizer). Selain daunnya, biji selasih juga sering dimanfaatkan sebagai bahan minuman penyegar. Biji selasih dapat menurunkan kolesterol, penambah daya ingat dan tonik.
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Plants For Hair Loss Prevention

Monday, October 25, 2010
1. Fragrant pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb)
Fragrance pandan is a tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas to a height of 80 m above sea level. Fragrant pandanus planted in the yard and garden, river, marsh edges and in places a bit damp. How to use: 10 young hibiscus leaves, leaf-aring urang, 5 pieces of leaf cup, 1 pandan leaves, 10 flowers rose jasmine and 1, washed and cut into pieces. Add oil sesame, coconut oil and hazelnut oil ½ cup each and then heated to boiling. After a cold and then filtered and applied to the entire scalp with a light massage. Do it at night before bed. The next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.

2. Banana weevil (Musa paradisiaca L)
How to use: take the banana weevil to taste and chopped / grated and squeezed to take fluids, then the liquid used to moisten the scalp and hair with a light massage. Do it every morning. Cool head and hair will flourish. Tubers of all types of bananas can be used, except milk banana weevil.

3. Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad)
These plants come from tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, planted in the yard / field as a crop of fruit. Watermelon-shaped ball through a round elongated, large varied with the length of 20-30 cm, 15-20 cm diameter and weighing from 40-20 pounds, the skin thick fleshy fruit, smooth, color variety: dark green, yellow, white or light green rather white striped. Flesh is red or yellow fruit. How to use: take part of the watermelon that white skin, then rub on your scalp evenly. Do it in the afternoon and left for 1 night so absorbed in the scalp. The next morning wash hair thoroughly. Do it 1-2 times a week.

4. Fruit Acids (Tamarindus indica L)
Many are planted as shade trees or as tree fruit, which fruit throughout the year. The fruit pod, light brown color, the acid is ripe, its skin removed so that the living flesh is golden brown, then made the dots so that the subsequent drying blackish brown. Fruit acids that have been cooked meat fruit, add a little water while knead. Then strain and rub into the entire scalp with a light massage. Take a few moments, then wash hair with shampoo.

5. Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L)
Hibiscus flower is a flower that 1-4 m tall, branching, grows from the lowlands to the mountains. Hibiscus widely planted as an ornamental plant because it has a colorful flower. How to use: take a handful of flower petals and white shoes and wash and then milled until smooth. Mix with 100 cc of clean water while knead. Then squeeze and strain. Feelings of water used to moisten the scalp and hair with a light massage. Let soak for 1 hour, then rinse hair with fresh water. Do it every day until you see the results.

6. Radish (Raphanus sativus L)
Many are planted in fields and rice paddies, is a seasonal crops which ranged 50-100 cm tall. Trunk erect and soft. Leaves single, oval form, jagged edges, the tip and the base rompang, petiole flattened, it's green. The fruit is oval, long, after the old brown color, containing 6-12 seeds. Riding roots are transformed into the tuber. The color is greenish white. The shape is cylindrical, straight or slightly curved, diameter of 3.5 cm in the middle, its surface smooth. When the radish root split, the inside is white. The way of use; roots are washed and shredded radish. Feelings of water used to wet her bald scalp is massaged lightly. Do it every day until visible results.

7. Leaf Bowl (Nothopanax scutellarium Merr)
Leaves bowl can usually be found as a wild, planted as an ornamental plant, as well as the plant fence. This plant grows upright and has reached 3 m high, leaves thick, grooved spherical shape like a bowl. Its processing mode: take the old leaves and fresh washed sheets 5-10 and then finely ground. Add a little coconut oil while stirring until a dough like mush. Strain and squeeze, then apply on the scalp with a light massage. After evenly, cover head with a towel until you feel the heat as it works to moisturize the scalp and hair. Leave for 1 hour new hair washed with warm water. Wash your hair with cold water until clean. Do it 2-3 times a week.
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Tofu and Tempeh For Breast Cancer Patients

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Tofu and tempeh contain phytoestrogens, namely chemical compounds which are plant hormones (phyto means plant), which possess chemical structure resembles estrogen in the human body. That's why phytoestrogens are considered to help address the problem of decreased estrogen in women.

Tofu and tempeh are soy-based foods are known as cheap and rich nutrition. Consumption of tofu and tempeh are very important for women, because they can slow down aging. However, for patients with breast cancer (certain types of cancer) is recommended to reduce the consumption of tofu and tempeh. For, could trigger cancer cell growth quickened. Although not all breast cancers, but there are certain types of breast cancer that the growth of cancer cells actually influenced by estrogen. For that, for patients with breast cancer are advised to reduce consumption of foods such as tofu and tempeh estrogen, as well as chicken skin.

Although tofu and tempeh dangerous for people with certain types of breast cancer, these foods still have the benefit, of course, for those who do not have the prohibition to eat soy.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Often there are couples who get married after one year has not been endowed with the child. These include infertility (infertile). Therefore the couple's good to see her obstetrician. If after a medical examination, no problems of the reproductive organs, the possibility of the need for them to pay attention to their diet includes foods fertilizer. For fertilising food should first consult your doctor to determine what is suitable food, the quantity of food and food menu settings. Thus, excessive eating can be avoided.

In general, healthy foods to help fertility is a balanced menu, which contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. comparison in a day, carbohydrates 50%, protein 20%, fat 30% and the remaining fiber (vitamins and minerals) of vegetables and fruits. In these nutrients are substances that are good for both reproductive organs to male or female.

For men, in order to produce healthy sperm should consume foods rich in essential fatty acids like fish and polyunsaturated oils, Vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals zinc and magnesium. As for women, consuming foods rich in fertilising nutrients reproductive system, such as vitamin E, C, B12, folic acid, beta-carotene, iron, zinc and selenium.

We recommend cooking foods fertilising not too ripe, choose a new food / fresh. Food is not cooked baked or fried, but pan-fried cook food in a way so that the nutrients contained are still absorbed by the body. As for fruit, should be eaten fresh or prepared juices.
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About Cucumbers

Cucumber seeds contain toxic alkaloids hipoxanti type worms that can cure disease. Cucumber seeds also can relieve sore throat, cough due followed by loss of voice. Way, simply by mixing cucumber seeds with a little salt and dikumur for several times a day. Cucumbers can be used to compress when you or your child's fever. No need to add ice, because the fruit gives a sense of cool cucumber is needed to cool a hot body due to fever.

Cucumber fruits contain silicon, fluorine and potassium, and low in calories, so it can help stimulate the kidneys to remove excess metabolism and fat deposits in the body. By way of drinking fruit juice fresh cucumber. Do it every day, until the gastric fluid accustomed to receiving cucumber. One fruit of fresh cucumber, containing 0.65% protein, 0.1% fat and 2.2% carbohydrate. In addition, cucumber also contains other helpful substances, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Cucumbers can also be used as a face mask, because in addition to moisturize, cucumber helps your skin soft and smooth.

Benefits of cucumber:
  1. Reducing high blood pressure: 2 pieces of fresh cucumber washed, then grated, then squeezed and filtered. Drink at once. Do it 2-3 times a day.
  2. Treating thrush: Eating raw cucumber fruit as a snack, do it regularly every day.
  3. Overcoming swelling around the eyes: eyes swollen from sleeping too late or eye fatigue due to working at the computer too long. Way, thinly sliced cucumber and put it in both eyes, did she lay for 15 minutes and rinse.
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Jambu Biji Dan Khasiatnya

Monday, October 18, 2010
Jambu biji/klutuk memiliki sejumlah zat aktif yang dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai bahan obat, terutama daunnya banyak mengandung minyak atsiri, asam ursolat, asam psidiolat, asam kratogolat, asam oleanolat, asam guaja vermin, dan beberapa vitamin, terutama vitamin A, B, C dan beberapa mineral. Buah, daun dan kulit batang pohon jambu biji mengandung tanin, sedang pada bunganya tidak banyak mengandung tanin. Akar dan kulit batang jambu biji/klutuk dapat digunakan sebagai decoct atau infusum, obat diare, atau gastroenteritis (radang selaput lendir lambung dan usus) terutama pada anak-anak. Selain itu, batangnya bisa juga digunakan sebagai obat sariawan. Bahkan di pedesaan, seduhan campuran daun jambu biji dengan daun sirih, sering digunakan untuk mencuci lubang senggama agar tidak gatal-gatal karena bakteri.

Daun jambu biji punya kegunaan untuk:
1. Menyembuhkan penyakit sering buang air (kencing). Makanlah setiap pagi dan sore 3 pucuk daun jambu klutuk dengan garam sebesar dua butir merica.

2. Menghilangkan bintik-bintik hitam atau bercak-bercak bekas jerawat. Setiap pagi gosok-gosoklah bintik-bintik hitam itu dengan daun jambu klutuk yang masih muda.

3. Sebagai obat untuk sariawan:1 genggam daun jambu biji, 1 potong kulit batang jambu biji, direbus bersama dengan 2 gelas air sampai mendidih, kemudian disaring untuk diambil airnya. Diminum 2 kali sehari.

4. Sebagai obat untuk sakit Perut/diare pada bayi yang masih menyusui: Jambu biji yang masih muda dan garam secukupnya. Cara menggunakan: dikunyah oleh ibu yang menyusui bayi tersebut, airnya ditelan dan ampasnya dibuang.

5. Menyembuhkan masuk angin: ambil 10 lembar daun jambu biji yang masih muda, 1 butir cabai merah, 3 mata buah asam, 1 potong gula kelapa, garam secukupnya. Cara membuat: semua bahan tersebut direbus bersama dengan 1 liter air sampai mendidih kemudian disaring untuk diambil airnya, diminum 2 kali sehari.

6. Mengobati diabetes Mellitus: ambil 1 buah jambu biji setengah masak dibelah menjadi 4 bagian dan direbus dengan 1 liter air sampai mendidih, kemudian disaring untuk diambil airnya. Diminum 2 kali sehari, pagi dan sore

7. Sakit Perut (Diare dan Mencret): 5 lembar daun jambu biji, 1 potong akar, kulit dan batangnya direbus dengan 1,5 liter air sampai mendidih kemudian disaring untuk diambil airnya. Diminum 2 kali sehari pagi dan sore.
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Daun Pepaya Sebagai Obat Demam Berdarah

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Daun pepaya memiliki khasiat yang sangat luar biasa, diketahui bahwa juice daun pepaya mempunyai efek pendingin bagi penderita panas badan yang tinggi, terutama yang menderita sakit DB (Demam berdarah), menyembuhkan seseorang yang sedang sakit tenggorokan maupun seseorang yang takut terhadap cuaca panas, juga dapat digunakan sebagai obat cacing karena mengandung enzim papain

Pepaya (daun, buah, dan batang) banyak mengandung getah enzim dan terpenoid. Enzim yang terdapat dalam getah pepaya adalah enzim papain. Enzim ini berfungsi memecahkan molekul protein, sehingga dapat digunakan untuk melunakkan daging yang keras (alot). Kandungan terpenoid adalah senyawa yang biasanya terdapat dalam tumbuhan, umumnya terdapat dalam minyak atau sari yang dihasilkan tumbuhan dan juga dapat digunakan sebagai obat.

Seorang yang sedang sakit pasti metabolismenya tidak baik. Dengan memakan daun pepaya, metabolisme akan membaik, karena untuk melakukan metabolisme tubuh membutuhkan hormon. Sedangkan, hormon didapat dari enzim yang banyak terdapat dari daun pepaya. Daun pepaya juga memiliki fungsi stimulan untuk meningkatkan nafsu makan dan merangsang pembuatan enzim pencernaan, sehingga dapat meningkatkan metabolisme di tubuh yang lemah karena sakit. Jika metabolisme membaik, maka keadaan si penderita juga akan semakin membaik.

Cara pembuatan/penggunaan daun pepaya:
  • Ambil daun pepaya sebanyak 2 lembar, kemudian dicuci bersih dengan air (dingin normal, jangan gunakan air panas karena akan mengurangi khasiatnya).
  • Daun pepaya yang masih mentah dan segar ditumbuk sampai halus (daun pepaya jangan direbus atau disiram air panas agar kandungan khasiat alaminya tetap terjaga).
  • Tumbuk halus daun pepaya, diperas sambil disaring (2 daun pepaya menghasilkan kira-kira 2 sendok teh).
  • Air hasil saringan tumbukan daun pepaya ini diminumkan kepada pasien setiap hari (sampai kondisinya benar-benar pulih).
  • Cukup hanya dengan 2 (dua) lembar daun pepaya untuk setiap harinya atau dua sendok teh tiap hari.
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Menghilangkan Noda Pada Pakaian

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
1. Menghilangkan noda minyak/lemak pada pakaian
  • Taburkan bedak pada pakaian yang terkena noda, kucek pakaian, setelah itu cuci menggunakan sabun.
  • Atau bisa dihilangkan juga dengan mencucinya dengan air hangat yang dicampur sodium.
  • Untuk baju yang berbahan sutra (baik yang alami /sintetis) noda lemak bisa dihilangkan dengan bensin. Caranya dapat dilakukan dengan menggosokkan sepotong kain yang sudah dibasahi bensin pada bagian yang terkena noda, lalu semprot daerah yang terkena noda tersebut dengan bedak, kemudian hilangkan bedak tersebut dengan sikat yang lembut, dan ulangi proses ini berkali-kali.
  • Pada baju dengan bahan dari wol, noda lemak bisa dihilangkan dengan bensin atau menggosok-gosoknya dengan campuran terpentin (minyak tusam) dan alkohol putih dengan takaran yang sama.
2. Noda Tinta
  • Letakkan bagian yang ternoda diatas sebongkah es untuk membekukan noda tersebut. Jika masih ada bekas-bekas yang tertinggal maka hilangkan dengan asetat (cuka asam).
  • Atau dengan merendamnya di dalam kerosin, kemudian hilangkan bekas-bekas yang masih ada dengan bensin.
  • Dapat juga dengan cara merendam bagian yang terkena noda dalam cairan susu.
  • Air jeruk lemon yang telah ditambahkan garam juga dapat menghilangkan noda tinta. Untuk baju putih, Anda dapat menggunakan alkohol. Untuk baju berwarna, gunakan air yang dicampur dengan cuka beralkohol. Semprotkan hairspray pada area yang ternoda kemudian lap dengan kain. Ulangi sampai noda benar-benar hilang.
  • Sabun colek bukan sekedar pembersih perabotan dapur dan pakaian, tapi bisa menghilangkan noda tinta di baju atau celana. Caranya, rendam pakaian yang terkena noda tinta selama 15 menit dengan air biasa. Setelah itu, ambil sabun colek dan oleskan pada pakaian yang terkena noda tinta, lalu dikucek sampai noda tinta hilang.
3. Noda Lipstick.
Basahi kain bersih kemudian olesi sedikit mentega. Sapukan pada bagian yang ternoda. Lalu cuci seperti biasa. Atau dapat juga menggunakan cairan penghilang noda, ammonia, hairspray ataupun make-up remover.

4. Noda Cat Rambut.
Rendam baju ke dalam air panas yang telah dicampur dengan 5% sodium dithiorite (biasa digunakan sebagai reducing Agent yang kuat dalam beberapa formula bleaching). Setelah itu cuci seperti biasa. Bila nodanya terkena kulit, bubuhkan sedikit abu rokok pada sehelai kain yang sudah dibasahi. Kemudian gosokkan pada kulit yang terkena noda cat rambut.

5. Noda Foundation.
Untuk mengatasi noda foundation pada baju, bubuhi tissue dengan make-up remover kemudian tepuk-tepukkan pada area yang terkena noda. Lalu cuci dengan tangan dan tak perlu disikat.

6. Noda Oksidan
Jika pakaian yang ternoda ini berasal dari bahan katun, kapas dan berwarna putih maka basahilah kain yang ternoda, lalu letakkan di ember kecil dan siram dengan air mendidih, kemudian tambahkan lapisan asam lemonik dan kucek dengan lembut. Biarkan rendaman beberapa detik, kemudian siram lagi dengan air mendidih atau letakkan pakaian tersebut di dalam larutan panas berupa asam aksalik dengan takaran 1/2 sendok yang dicampurkan ke segelas air.

7. Noda Darah
Rendam baju/kain tersebut di dalam larutan boraks yang panas. Jika pakaian yang terkena noda darah ini bisa dicuci, gunakanlah larutan penghilang warna untuk pakaian putih atau larutan boraks untuk yang berwarna. Jika tidak boleh dicuci, buatlah adonan dari amonia dan tempelkan pada noda. Tunggu beberapa saat hingga amonia menyerap noda tersebut. Setelah amonia kering, sikatlah dengan sikat lembut dan ulangi proses ini sesuai kebutuhan.

8. Noda Keringat
Noda keringat dapat dihilangkan dengan larutan penghilang warna jika memang baju yang terkena noda ini tidak berwarna atau berbahan katun putih. Tetapi jika berwarna dan berbahan selain katun, noda bisa dihilangkan dengan larutan ultraoksida edrogen (air oksigen) yang telah dibubuhi amonia.

9. Noda Teh dan Kopi
Jika baju yang terkena noda teh dan kopi berasal dari katun atau kapas, rendamlah pada larutan panas dari asam tartaric atau didalam larutan panas boraks. Jika baju yang terkena noda berbahan sutra alami ataupun sintetis/wol maka rendamlah di larutan boraks yang hangat atau larutan ultraoksidasi edrogen (air oksigen) yang hangat.

10. Terbakar Rokok. :
Rendam secarik kain dalam air beroksigen, kemudian letakkan pada tempat yang terkena abu panas tadi. Kemudian cucilah dengan cairan pemutih dan air hangat.

11. Noda Buah-buahan
Noda buah-buahan bisa diatasi dengan larutan boraks yang telah dididihkan selama beberapa menit atau dengan larutan penghilang warna.

12. Menghilangkan Luntur dan warna yang pudar pada pakaian
Rendam pakaian tersebut selama sekitar 30 menit dalam larutan asam cuka yang telah dicampur dengan deterjen. Dengan cara itu, pakaian yang luntur akan bersih kembali. Anda mungkin pernah kesal ketika pakaian berwarna kesukaan anda warnanya cepat pudar. Jika ini terjadi, jangan khawatir, atasi dengan resep berikut ini: Tuangkan shampoo secukupnya dengan air dan kocok hingga berbusa. Rendam pakaian berwarna anda kurang lebih 30 menit. Cuci dan bilaslah seperti biasa, dan dijemur di tempat yang agak teduh. Lakukanlah dengan teratur maka warna pakaian tidak akan cepat pudar

13. Menghilangkan Noda Getah pada Pakaian
Pada bagian yang ternoda teteskan 2-3 tetes minyak tanah, rendam pakaian tersebut dalam air untuk beberapa saat, angkat pakaian. Pada bagian ternoda olesi sabun detergen, gosok perlahan dengan sikat gigi. Tak lama kemudian getah akan hilang. Jika getah sudah hilang, cucilah pakaian seperti biasa menggunakan sabun.

14. Agar Sprei Tidak Kusut
Sprei yang baru dipasang terkadang terlihat kusut. Untuk menghindari hal ini, ambil 1 sendok tepung kanji ,masak dengan 3 gelas air, setelah matang masukkan larutan tersebut dalam satu ember air, aduk hingga rata, masukkan sprei yang sebelumnya sudah dicuci dengan bersih, angkat sprei,jemur, bila sudah kering disetrika. Dengan cara seperti itu, niscaya sprei anda tidakakan kusut lagi ketika dipasang.

Selamat mencoba.
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Luka Bakar & Penanganannya

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Luka bakar bisa terjadi dimana saja mulai dari terciprat minyak goreng hingga tersiram air panas. Banyak yang memakai odol atau minyak untuk mengobatinya tapi ternyata cara itu salah. Kulit yang terkena luka bakar biasanya terasa panas dan melepuh sehingga menimbulkan rasa tak nyaman di badan. Masyarakat seringkali mengobati luka bakar dengan mengoleskan odol, margarin atau minyak. Padahal hal tersebut tak diperbolehkan, karena itu bukanlah pilihan yang benar.

Jika diolesi dengan odol atau margarin maka bisa menutupi kulit dan menghambat cairan yang akan keluar dari dalam tubuh dan juga bisa menghambat petugas medis untuk mengobati. Bila luka bakar yang dihasilkan kecil misal hanya terciprat minyak goreng, maka setelah luka dibersihkan bisa diolesi dengan salep bakar disekitar kulit yang terbakar. Tapi jika lukanya besar misal tersiram air panas maka setelah dibersihkan harus dibawa kerumah sakit.

Beberapa tips penanganan pertama pada korban penderita luka bakar :
  1. Korban jauhkan dari sumber panas.
  2. Jangan diolesi cairan seperti odol, minyak goreng, kecap, ataupun minyak tanah karena akan memperdalam luka bakar.
  3. Nyalakan kran air/ledeng, lalu alirkan air tersebut ke arah bagian tubuh yang terkena luka bakar selama 10-20 menit. Ini dilakukan untuk menurunkan suhu panas yang diakibatkan luka bakar tersebut.
Hal yang dilarang jika terjadi luka bakar:
  1. Jangan memakai air es atau es batu atau mencemplungkan diri dalam bak mandi, karena perubahan suhu yang tiba-tiba (antara panas dan dingin) akan memperdalam luka bakar.
  2. Apabila luka bakar yang dialami serius, seperti luka bakar yang dialami oleh korban ledakan gas elpiji, maka yang harus dilakukan adalah: Buka baju korban, lepaskan cincin, jam, atau barang apapun yang melekat pada diri korban, selimuti tubuh korban dengan selimut bersih, korban bawa ke rumah sakit.
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Kebotakan Rambut

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Kebotakan memang menjadi masalah yang menjengkelkan bagi siapa saja, namun memang secara statistik, kaum pria lebih banyak mengalami kebotakan dibandingkan dengan wanita. Hal ini karena salah satu bentuk kebotakan yaitu berupa kerontokan permanen akibat rusaknya kantung rambut dan kerontokan temporer akibat kerusakan sementara kantung rambut, yang didominasi oleh male pattern baldness (MPB) yang bisa mencapai 40% dari populasi laki-laki yang disebabkan oleh tidak seimbangnya tingkat sirkulasi hormon pria (testosteron dan androgen) di dalam darah.

Tingkatan kebotakan:
  1. Tingkat I kebotakan hanya terjadi pada sisi frontal (depan atas) dengan atau tanpa pertumbuhan rambut bagian depan
  2. Tingkat II, kebotakan pada daerah frontal dan sisi tengah kulit kepala tanpa adanya penipisan rambut pada puncak kepala
  3. Tingkat III, kebotakan pada daerah frontal dan occipital (belakang) kepala
  4. Tingkat IV, kebotakan hanya pada puncak kepala.
Ada beberapa hal yang menyebabkan kebotakan:
  1. Faktor genetis (keturunan),
  2. Adanya penyakit tertentu semisal infeksi akibat jamur, bisul pada kepala, ketombe, dan lain-lain.
  3. Adanya penyakit kelainan fungsi imunologi (pertahanan tubuh),
  4. Adanya penyakit endokrinologi seperti DM (diabetes mellitus), penyakit fungsi kelenjar gondok, dan lain-lain.
  5. Adanya penyakit akibat hubungan seksual semisal sifilis
  6. Kekurangan gizi yang parah
  7. Mengalami gangguan psikis seperti stres yang berkepanjangan, trikotilomania (kecenderungan untuk mencabuti rambut), trauma, maupun fisiologis.
Kebotakan tidak ada hubungannya dengan jenis makanan apapun, walaupun ada penelitian yang mengkaitkan jumlah zat besi yang ada di dalam tubuh dengan tingkat kerontokan rambut pada wanita. Sebaiknya Anda mengunjungi dokter spesialis Kulit & Kelamin yang ada di kota Anda.
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Uric Acid & Causes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Uric acid is a purine metabolic waste substances from the food we eat. Purine is a substance contained in any food that comes from the living body. In other words, in the living body there is this purine substances, and because we eat these creatures, then moves into purine substance in our body. Joints are attacked mainly the toes, knees, ankles, wrists, fingers and elbows. Besides pain, gout disease can also make the joints swollen, inflamed, hot and stiff. About 90% of uric acid diseases caused by the inability of the kidneys remove uric acid completely from the body through urine. Some other small because the body produces excess uric acid. Gout disease mostly affects men over 40 years and women who have menopause. People with gout usually have other complaints such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Half of gout sufferers are people who are overweight. If allowed, the disease can develop into uric acid kidney stones and lead to kidney failure.

Symptoms of Uric Acid:
  1. Tingling and shooting pain
  2. Pain, especially at night or early morning waking
  3. Joints affected by uric acid visible swelling, redness, heat and pain at night and extraordinary morning.
These are foods high in purine which become taboo for people with uric acid.
  • Alcohol, coffee & soft drinks
  • Belinjo and chips
  • Nuts
  • Asparagus, mushrooms, cooked spinach, and mustard greens
  • Mutton
  • Offal and lard (fat)
  • Shellfish
  • Duck and turkey
  • Salmon, mackerel, sardines, crab, shrimp, and several other fish
  • Cream and ice cream
Some of the following is recommended to reduce uric acid:
  1. Do not take aspirin (if needed pain-reducing medication, select the type of ibuprofen and others)
  2. Drink plenty of water, especially for patients who suffer from kidney stones, to remove uric acid crystals in the body.
  3. Eating foods containing high potassium such as vegetables and fruits, potatoes, avocado, milk and yogurt, banana
  4. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C, especially citrus and strawberry
  5. Sexually active because sex can facilitate the production of urine so that lowering uric acid levels.
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Symptoms of Food Allergies

Monday, October 4, 2010
Ever experienced swelling redness, and itching after eating delicious food? Or even to feel crowded? If yes, chances are you have a food allergy. Although the incidence rate slightly, but food allergies should also be considered because the consequences thereof could cause the fatality. Food allergy is an abnormal response to a food triggered by the body's immune system. Allergic reactions that occur can cause a serious incident.

In adults, the food that causes most allergic reactions are derived from marine foods, such as shrimp, lobster, crab. In addition to seafood, nuts also cause allergies in some people. Other foods that commonly cause an allergic reaction that is fish and eggs. Pea is one food that can cause anaphylactic reactions. In someone who is very allergic. A small amount of allergen can cause an allergic reaction. In someone less sensitive, could tolerate small amounts of food that can cause allergies. In children, food allergens that most often are eggs, milk, nuts, and fruit. Sometimes, the allergy will disappear in children, but allergies in adults tend to settle. In addition, more common in children allergic to cow's milk or soy milk than allergic to peanuts, fish, or shrimp. Adults and children tend to have allergic reactions to foods are often consumed.

Symptoms of Food Allergies
1. Skin: Allergic reactions to food that appears most to the skin. Reddish bumps, very itchy, and swollen. Even sometimes appear in groups and out quickly. Bumps on the skin can can appear alone or accompanied by other allergy symptoms. Atopic dermatitis or eczema, a skin condition characterized by itchy, betsisik, redness, can also be triggered by allergies to food. This reaction is generally chronic and appear in someone who has had a family history of allergies or asthma.

2. Sigh Channels: Asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing sound or difficulty breathing, due to the narrowing of the channel pernapasam, can be triggered by allergies to food, especially in infants and children.

3. Channel digested: Symptoms of food allergies that affect the gastrointestinal tract include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, sometimes reddish rash around the mouth. In addition, can also occur itching and swelling around the mouth and throat, abdominal pain, and a lot of gas.

Meanwhile, other reactions associated with food are food intolerance (like lactose intolerance, milk intolerance), food poisoning, and poisoning reaction is not a reaction of the immune response. The prevalence of food allergies is lower than the side reactions / side effects of the food. It is estimated that food allergies appear as much as 2-5% in the population. In infants, non-allergic reaction, usually temporary reaction to some foods, especially fruits, are common. For example there is a rash around the mouth caused by the natural acid in tomatoes and oranges, or diarrhea due to sugar in fruit juice or other foods that appear on several times. Another reaction is an allergic reaction, and can be caused by foods that cause allergies when eaten again. Along with growth, some children may tolerate foods that previously was the cause of allergies.

What to do if you have food allergies?
  1. Avoid food allergens. This is the best way to eliminate allergies.
  2. Know the content of food. Someone who has a food allergy when eating outside the home need to ask a food that is consumed. This you have to do to avoid hidden allergens.
  3. Read food labels. This needs to be done so that you can avoid food allergens. In the United States and several other countries have adopted labeling with more general terms, such as the use of the word 'milk' to replace the term teksnis like 'casein'.
  4. If an allergic reaction that appears very great, immediately went to the doctor.
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