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Seaweed contains essential minerals (iron, iodine, aluminum, manganese, calcium, soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine. Silicon, rubidium, strontium, barium, titanium, cobalt, boron, copper, potassium, and other elements) , nucleic acids, amino acids, proteins, minerals, trace elements, flour, sugar and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

1. As Material medicine (anticoagulant, antibiotics, antihehmethes, antihypertensive agents, reducing cholesterol, dilatory agents and insecticides.

2. Due to the high nutritional content, it can improve work systems hormonal, lymphatic, and nervous too.

3. Increase the body's defense function, improve heart and circulatory system of blood, and digestive system.

4. Traditional medicine for coughs, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, intestinal worms, abdominal pain, fever, rheumatism, and even believed to increase sexual power.

5. Body needs iodine to prevent goiter disease.

6. Chlorophyll content of seaweed is anti-carcinogenic, fiber, selenium and zinc are high on the seaweed to reduce estrogen (estrogen is too high to encourage the emergence of cancer, so consumption of seaweed to reduce the risk of cancer and even treat).

7. The content of vitamin C and antioxidants to fight free radicals.

8. High in fiber which can prevent colon cancer, aid digestion, increase the water content in feces.

9. Helps metabolize fat, thus lowering blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Seaweeds also help treat peptic ulcers, colitis, constipation and other digestive disorders.

10. Can help the absorption of excess salt in the body.

11. Good for the diet, reducing the risk of obesity, the seaweed fiber is filling and stodgy carbohydrate content so that it will cause the feeling full longer.

12. Anti-oxidants play a role in healing and skin rejuvenation. Vitamin A (beta carotene) and vitamin C its work in maintaining collagen, whereas the protein content of seaweed is important to form a new network of the skin. So Prevents premature aging.

13. Contains calcium ten times higher than the milk, so that very precise seaweed consumed to reduce symptoms and prevent osteoporosis.

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