Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Food as an important factor in human life, because the food has a great influence on the development of physical and spiritual. Food sources were divided into 2 types: namely vegetable (derived from plants) and animal (derived from animals). From animal sources are meat, milk, eggs and fish are good sources of protein containing amino acid that is needed by the body.

For the kids: the protein serves to support the growth and form tissues in the body and brain. As for the elderly: the protein useful for replacing and repairing the body's cells that have been damaged. For pregnant and lactating women: protein needed to prevent anemia.

Each person has different needs in consuming protein. 1 gram of protein per 1 kg body weight / day. More big and heavy man, the more active tissue, so the more protein is needed to sustain or maintain these networks.

Protein deficiency can lead to:
  1. Hair loss (hair is made up of 97-100% of the protein-Keratin)
  2. Kwashiorkor, the protein deficiency disease. Usually in young children suffering from malnutrition and famine, caused by the filtration of water in the blood vessels can cause hipotonus, impaired growth, liver fat
  3. Protein deficiency resulted in a continuous marasmus and death.

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