Thursday, December 30, 2010
Soybeans, identical to tofu. But, not only famous for knowing it. Soybean meal turned out to have been full of nutrients for the skin beauty. Oil content, protein, vitamins and minerals from the types of nuts can make your skin well groomed. From soybeans, soy oil is now being produced that are useful to nourish the skin.

Entering the age of 30 years, facial skin in women looks increasingly bleak. This is due to air pollution which damage the skin. Essential fatty acids contained in soy may help protect the skin from UV rays. A study published in Lancet Oncology revealed that consumption of foods containing essential fatty acid levels can help some types of cancer.

Soybean oil also helps block the entry of direct exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke and pollution on the skin. With a high content of antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin B complex, where both are essential elements to create a beautiful shiny skin. In addition, soy can also protect from wrinkles that arise due to premature aging.

Soy-based foods are not only found in the know. Today, many emerging soy-based food products can be found on the market. Like soy bars, soy protein that is usually in powder form, soy milk, cheese, yogurt and even with a sense of soy. Hopefully Helpful
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Monday, December 27, 2010
In the durian season, this fruit can be produced in abundance, especially in centers of production in the region. Traditionally, fruit flesh is usually exaggerated preserved by cooking with sugar into dodol durian (commonly called Lempok), or make tempoyak. Furthermore, tempoyak a sour taste can be used as food ingredients such as chili tempoyak, or to a mixture of cooking fish.

Durian is often processed into a mixture of traditional cakes, such as gelamai or dodol. Sometimes, durian sticky rice mixed in a dish of rice (sticky rice) along with coconut milk. In today's world, durian (or smell) are commonly mixed in candy, ice cream, milk, and various other types of beverages.

Durian especially those maintained for its fruit, which is generally eaten (arilus or coated seeds) in a fresh condition. Coated seeds are generally sweet and very nutritious because they contain lots of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals.

Seeds can be eaten as a snack after boiled or baked, or mixed in durian compote. Raw durian seeds are poisonous and can not be eaten because it contains fatty acids siklopropena (cyclopropene). Durian seeds contain about 27% amylose.

Some parts of the plant is sometimes used as ingredients of traditional medicine. Roots used as a drug fever. The leaves, mixed with jeringau (Acorus Calamus), used to cure cantengan (infection of the nails). Men to treat skin rash on the skin (scab) and constipation (constipation). Rind is also used to be burned and the ashes used in potions to launch abort menstrual and womb. Ash ash and water immersion is also used as a mixture of traditional dyes.

Some communities in Java using durian skin that has been eaten as a repellent (Repellent) mosquitoes by putting them in a corner. Gubalnya wood paneling and white colored reddish. Lightweight, but not very durable and easily attacked by termites. Usually used as furniture, packing crates, and light construction materials under the roof, provided no contact with the ground. Each 100 g of coated seeds contain 67 g of water, 28.3 g carbohydrate, 2.5 g fat, 2.5 g protein, 1.4 g fiber; and has a value of 520 kJ of energy. Durian also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, and potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
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Fruits & Benefits For Health

Fruit is one type of food that contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are generally very good to eat every day. Compared with chemical drugs supplements sold in the shops, the fruit is much safer without the dangerous side effects as well as from the generally much cheaper price than the supplements that have the same function.

1. TOMATO FRUIT (Tomato)
- Tomato contains vitamins A, B1 and C.
- Tomatoes can help cleanse the liver and blood of our hearts.
- Tomatoes may prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. Bleeding gums
b. Appendix
c. Prostate cancer and breast cancer
d. Blood clotting

2. WATERMELON FRUIT (Watermelon)
- Watermelon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Watermelon can be allergy.
- Watermelon has a utility / other health functions such as:
such as:
a. lower cholesterol levels.
b. prevent and resist heart attack.

3. FRUIT Melon (Honeydew)
- Melon contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Melon contain an anti-cancer and anti-oxidants.
- Melon has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. prevent blood clots.
b. cleanse the skin.
c. menlancarkan digestive tract.
d. lower levels of kolestrerol.

- Bananas contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.
- Bananas can help reduce stomach acid.
- Bananas can help maintain water balance in the body.
- The perfect way to cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. disorders of the stomach.
b. heart disease and stroke
c. stress
d. koleterol reduce levels in the blood.

- Strawberries contain provitamin A, vitamin B1, B and C.
- Stobery substances contain antioxidants to fight free radicals.
- Strawberries have their uses / other health functions such as:
a. treat health disorders of the bladder.
b. become anti-virus
c. into anti-cancer

- Mango contains vitamins A, E and C.
- Mango can act as a disinfectant.
- Mango to cleanse the blood.
- Mango can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. body odor / bb / unpleasant body odor.
b. lose body heat during a fever.

7. FRUIT PAPAYA (pawpaw)
- Papaya contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Papaya can help break down dietary fiber in the digestive system.
- Papaya can mebuat gastrointestinal smooth food.
- Papaya can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. eliminate the infection.
c. eliminate allergies

- Pear contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Pear contains anti-oxidants are good for maintaining health.
- Pear may prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. reduce fever / hot body.
b. dilute and eliminating phlegm in cough with phlegm.

- Apple contains vitamins A, B and C.
- Aple can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
- Apple has the usability / function of other health such as:
a. into anti-cancer substances.
b. reducing appetite is too big.

- Oranges contain vitamin A, B1, B2 and C.
- Oranges contain anticancer for the body.
- Citrus can prevent and treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. treating canker sores.
b. reduce the risk of cardiovascular, cancer and cataracts.

- Guava contain vitamin C that very much.
- Guava contain antioxidant and anticancer substances.
- Guava has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. lower blood cholesterol levels
b. treat infections.
c. keep treating canker sores.
d. accelerate blood circulation.
e. launched the digestive tract.
f. prevent constipation.

12. CARROT FRUIT (Carrot)
- Carrots are rich in vitamin A.
- Carrots to maintain good eye health.
- Carrots have a purpose / function of other health such as:
a. increase immunity and physical endurance.
b. keep the heart healthy.

13. STAR FRUIT FRUIT (Star Fruit)
- Star fruit contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
- Starfruit can help facilitate the digestion of food.
- Starfruit has a utility / other health functions such as:
a. lowering blood pressure.
b. lower levels / levels of cholesterol in the body.

14. FRUIT PINEAPPLE (Pineapple)
- Pineapple contains vitamin B and C.
- Pineapple can prevent heart attack and stroke / receipt.
- Pineapple can treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
a. heal wounds.
b. cure the infection in the digestive tract.
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Pembusukan Pada Gigi

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Jangan biarkan lubang kecil pada gigi. Pembusukan diawali dengan masalah gigi yang biasanya disepelekan orang. Sebagian orang mengobati masalah lubang pada gigi dengan berbagai cara, tetapi belum tentu masalah tersebut hilang karena dalam mulut terdapat lebih dari 6 milyar mikroba yang berbahaya. Yang perlu dijaga adalah kondisi bakteri tersebut normal.

Bakteri tersebut sebenarnya tidak bermasalah jika jumlahnya seimbang. Tapi, jika tidak harmonis akan muncul gangguan seperti karies (gigi berlubang), penyakit peyangga gigi (periodental) atau infeksi. Karies yang masih kecil dan belum begitu dalam mungkin tidak mengganggu, tetapi jika dibiarkan akan terjadi infeksi/pembusukan. Jika gusi sudah terinfeksi, pembuluh darah yang terbuka karena gusi berdarah menjadi jalan masuk bakteri. Kuman masuk di peredaran darah maka akan mengakibatkan berbagai penyakit.

Macam-macam pembusukan pada gigi:
1. Pembusukan di permukaan yang licin/rata: yaitu jenis pembusukan yang paling bisa dicegah, diperbaiki, dan tumbuhnya paling lambat. Sebuah karies dimulai dengan bintik hitam. Disitu bakteri melarutkan kalsium dari email. Pembusukan jenis ini biasanya mulai pada usia 20-30 tahun.

2. Pembusukan lubang dan lekukan: dimulai pada usia belasan tahun, mengenai gigi tetap dan tumbuhnya cepat. Terbentuk pada gigi belakang, didalam lekukan yang sempit pada permukaan gigi untuk mengunyah, dan bagian gigi yang berhadapan dengan pipi karena di bagian ini sulit untuk dibersihkan.

3. Pembusukan pada akar gigi: Terjadi karena penderita sulit untuk membersihkan daerah pada akar gigi. Biasanya terjadi pada usia pertengahan akhir. Pembusukan akar merupakan jenis pembusukan yang paling sulit dicegah, terjadi pada lapisan gigi yang paling luar dan keras. Tumbuhnya perlahan dan bila menembus ke lapisan kedua (dentin, lebih lunak), pembusukan menyebar cepat dan masuk ke pulpa (lapisan gigi paling dalam yang mengandung saraf dan pembuluh darah).
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Monday, December 20, 2010
Winged or Psophocarpus tetragonolobus is a tropical native plants and spread all over Indonesia. In some areas known as star fruit Nuts (North Sumatra, West Sumatra), Peanut embing (Kilkenny), Jaat (Sunda), Cipir, Winged Bean (Java), Kelongkang (Bali), Biraro (Manado, Ternate). Some of the opinions of academics against the winged bean.

Winged bean plants grow vines, forming a bush. Can reach 3-4 m tall, in cultivation are usually given a buffer, but if left unchecked will cover the soil surface. Trunk cylindrical, edged. Winged bean tuber it was a bit sweet, ivory-colored flesh, firm fibrous such as apples, but the smell is less tasty. Tuber protein (10.9 g) five times higher than the potato, yam and sweet potato.

The compound leaves with three leaflets triangular, 7.0 to 8.5 cm long, pinnate, alternate location, the color green. Winged bean leaves can be used as a cure sore eyes, earache, and ulcers. Leaves, especially the dark green color is rich in provitamin A.

The flowers are single, butterfly type, grown from axillary leaves, petals pale blue and capable of self-pollinated. Flowers winged delicious eaten raw as a salad / vegetable, boiled, or fried. Tastes good like a mushroom. The flowers can be processed into condiments, spices, candy, and a natural dye.

Fruit pod-shaped, elongated, rectangular shaped, pod length between 5-35 cm, about 2.5 cm wide, containing 5-20 seeds. Harvesting is done after 80-120 days after planting, when the pod was approximately 21 days after anthesis. Young pods, is part of the most widely used plants as raw vegetables, can be eaten raw (as vegetable), boiled, or mixed with other vegetables as vegetable acids, vegetable ve, ointment, Karedok, pecel, gado-gado. It can also be processed by pan-fried.

Winged bean has a protein content and oil / fat is very similar to soybean. Winged behenat acidic fatty acids that are not absorbed by the intestine so it does not cause obesity if consumed much by humans.

Some of the benefits of winged bean tubers:
  1. Not old tubers can be eaten after steaming / boiling in water
  2. Can be made chips after boiling, thinly sliced, and fried. Winged bean tubers can be eaten like a yam.
  3. As drugs canker sores with added sugar cube.
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Kenikir Leaf

Cosmos caudatus Kunth, or better known as the leaf kenikir have a fairly distinctive aroma, slightly fragrant and tastes slightly bitter. Shaped leaves are long, with a little orange-yellow flowers. This plant is included in the wild, because almost as a garnish encountered many of the fence. But who would have thought that this plant can be used as a tasty vegetable. One study found that kenikir leaves contain compounds that have antioxidant power that is high enough. Compounds that are antioxidants can stimulate the process of apoptosis through the intrinsic (mitochondrial path). Hyper apoptosis is one way of inhibiting carcinogenesis (cancer causing).

Kenikir leaves contain saponin, flavonoida polyphenols and essential oils. Traditionally the leaves are used as medicine appetite, weak stomach, reinforcing the bone and insect repellent.

Shrubs with a height of 75-100 cm and distinctive smell. Stem erect, square, grooved lengthwise, much branched, purplish-green segmented. The leaves are compound, cross face, sharing pinnate, pointed tip, flat edge, 15-25 cm long, green. Compound interest, a hump, at the end of the stem, the stem ± 25 cm long, crown consists of 8 leaf crown, the length of 1 cm, red, stamens form a tube, blackish brown anthers, pistil-haired, green yellow, red. The fruit is hard, the shape of the needle, the tip-haired, young green after dark chocolate. Seeds hard, small, needle shape, ± 1 cm long, black. Roots riding and white.
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Biji Kiwi Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Jerawat tidak dapat dipisahkan dengan kehidupan remaja, karena perubahan hormon selama masa pubertas dapat merangsang kelenjar penghasil minyak menjadi lebih aktif dan menghasilkan minyak yang berlebihan di kulit. Minyak ini sebenarnya berfungsi melumasi rambut dan kulit. Tetapi, karena jumlahnya yang berlebihan bisa menyumbat pori-pori yang kemudian memicu terjadinya komedo. Jika kebersihan kurang dijaga maka komedo dapat meradang dan berubah menjadi jerawat.

Jerawat dapat mengganggu penampilan dan kepercayaan diri seseorang. Menghilangkan jerawat bukan perkara yang mudah karena jerawat dapat tumbuh berbekas selama berbulan bahkan bertahun-tahun lamanya. Biasanya perawatan jerawat biasanya difokuskan pada bagian luar saja, tanpa diimbangi dengan perawatan bagian dalam. Hasilnya, jika serangkaian perawatan penghilang jerawat dihentikan maka jerawat akan tumbuh kembali dengan jumlah yang lebih banyak dan parah. Ataupun masalah baru akan muncul yaitu bagaimana menghilangkan bekasnya yang berupa flek hitam.

Alam menyediakan bermacam cara untuk merawat kecantikan seperti menghilangkan jerawat yang membandel dengan fruitherapy, atau perawatan kecantikan dengan aneka macam buah. Biji kiwi berdasarkan riset para ahli Jepang, ternyata mampu menghilangkan jerawat dengan aksi triple actionnnya yaitu:
1. Mengendalikan aktivitas kelenjar minyak yang berlebihan
2. Membantu mematikan bakteri penyebab jerawat
3. Menghilangkan alergi yang mengakibatkan gatal dan perih.

Buah kiwi dikombinasikan dengan buah Chasteberry, maka ketidak seimbangan hormonal yang merupakan biang keladi penyebab jerawat yang membandel akan dinormalkan. Tapi, tentu saja jangan lupakan perawatan dari luar (seperti menjaga kebersihan wajah dan konsultasikan ke ahli kesehatan kulit dan wajah).
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
When you are planning to redecorate your house to change the lighting style it makes sense to work on a budget. Anything that works on a structured plan will yield good results. Take a lighting plan for instance, if you carefully study your house, mark all the points that need to be lighted and then decide what kind of lights you need, you will effectively implement your plan for instance, areas like hallways can do with recessed lights. The living room would need a combination of bright and diffused lights.

A light fixture can be helps to create light, now these can be wall light fixtures or ceiling light fixtures. You can even use ceiling fan light fixture. Ceiling light fixtures typically focus downwards and in doing so they create a light pattern on the ceiling. You can use ceiling light fixtures in all the rooms whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, or the hallway. The wide varieties in which ceiling lighting fixtures are available makes them the ideal choice for any kind of decor. To create a theme or lighting effect of your choice you need the ideal ceiling lighting fixture. Most retailers whether online or offline that is in stores sell a wide variety of ceiling light fixture starting from ceiling fan light fixtures to ceiling mount light fixtures.

A few decorative lamps like desk lamps and hanging lamps and etc, will perfectly light up this room where people spend a lot of time. The Kitchen or dinning area may need a combination of task or utilitarian lights whereas the bedroom may require some diffused lighting as that is the room where you want to relax after a hard days work. Bathrooms could again make use of recessed lights especially over the vanities and the shower area. Marking all these spots and noting down the different types of lights and light fixtures that you need will help you in two ways, firstly you have less likelihood of missing vital details and you can even decide to change some options if you find better, cost effective or power saving alternatives.
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Lamp as illumination is needed for a home, it can brighten, add color and warmth, and illuminate specific areas of your household but not all the lamp have a good quality. Well, you are going to have to learn a bit before choosing the lamp because there are a lot of options in front of you i.e. Halogen, Low Voltage and Display Lamps.

Halogen mains par 16, 20 and 30. GU10/GZ10. Display lamps clear and coloured, R50 to RO80. Halogen strip lights 100w to 500w.

So suggest to choose lamp with saving energy but have a bright light such as a Low Voltage Halogen Lamps (12V) bi-pin halogen fixture with a high power LED “bulb” that will use less power (<10W), last longer (50,000 hrs), and give approximately the same light output (~300 lumens) a light source equivalent to a regular 50W halogen bulb.

This type of fixture is most often used as an accent light or focused task or down light such as display cases, reading lights and desk lamps. Also more kind of desk lamps offer beauty and function will adding light to any desk to make your working easier.
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Muslim Clothing Business

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
At present, Muslim clothing business, the more crowded done by women because Muslim dress is very busy looking for buyers, especially in the fasting month and Idul Fitri. The model is also not out of date, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Apart from Muslim clothes, you can sell other accessories such as hoods, mukenah, cap, and others.

Some tips to start this business:
1. Wholesale and Retail
If you have a large capital, you can dive as a wholesale seller. That is, you become the first person who buys from producers and resell it in large quantities as well. Advantages, you can get goods at extremely low prices because it directly from the source first. Conversely, if only a little capital, you can become a seller at retail. As a retailer, you can take advantage 30-100%. By purchasing an item a maximum of 1 scores (20 pieces).

2. Design Your Own
If you have the ability to design, you can dive as sellers as well as producers (make their own products will you sell). To produce your own, you do not need to have its own convection . You can use the system makloon. With this system you can simply provide a design and materials.

3. Fashion Trends
To note, both as a seller or manufacturer, you must have the ability to see trends. In fact, it would be nice if you could create a trend itself. Because clothing is an ever-changing product design from time to time. Attractive design and follow the latest trends would have attracted many buyers. That's why, for you "the new players" need to equip themselves with knowledge about the design, development of fashion, color trends, and new models according to market demands.

4. Shopping Centre Area Sales
Another thing must be noted is the place to get quality goods at cheap prices (if you do not produce the goods themselves). You can buy it directly in the center of a lot of cheap clothing in the area Kawalu (Tasikmalaya) and Soreang (Bandung), West Java. These places are known as centers of Muslim clothing.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Food as an important factor in human life, because the food has a great influence on the development of physical and spiritual. Food sources were divided into 2 types: namely vegetable (derived from plants) and animal (derived from animals). From animal sources are meat, milk, eggs and fish are good sources of protein containing amino acid that is needed by the body.

For the kids: the protein serves to support the growth and form tissues in the body and brain. As for the elderly: the protein useful for replacing and repairing the body's cells that have been damaged. For pregnant and lactating women: protein needed to prevent anemia.

Each person has different needs in consuming protein. 1 gram of protein per 1 kg body weight / day. More big and heavy man, the more active tissue, so the more protein is needed to sustain or maintain these networks.

Protein deficiency can lead to:
  1. Hair loss (hair is made up of 97-100% of the protein-Keratin)
  2. Kwashiorkor, the protein deficiency disease. Usually in young children suffering from malnutrition and famine, caused by the filtration of water in the blood vessels can cause hipotonus, impaired growth, liver fat
  3. Protein deficiency resulted in a continuous marasmus and death.
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