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Winged or Psophocarpus tetragonolobus is a tropical native plants and spread all over Indonesia. In some areas known as star fruit Nuts (North Sumatra, West Sumatra), Peanut embing (Kilkenny), Jaat (Sunda), Cipir, Winged Bean (Java), Kelongkang (Bali), Biraro (Manado, Ternate). Some of the opinions of academics against the winged bean.

Winged bean plants grow vines, forming a bush. Can reach 3-4 m tall, in cultivation are usually given a buffer, but if left unchecked will cover the soil surface. Trunk cylindrical, edged. Winged bean tuber it was a bit sweet, ivory-colored flesh, firm fibrous such as apples, but the smell is less tasty. Tuber protein (10.9 g) five times higher than the potato, yam and sweet potato.

The compound leaves with three leaflets triangular, 7.0 to 8.5 cm long, pinnate, alternate location, the color green. Winged bean leaves can be used as a cure sore eyes, earache, and ulcers. Leaves, especially the dark green color is rich in provitamin A.

The flowers are single, butterfly type, grown from axillary leaves, petals pale blue and capable of self-pollinated. Flowers winged delicious eaten raw as a salad / vegetable, boiled, or fried. Tastes good like a mushroom. The flowers can be processed into condiments, spices, candy, and a natural dye.

Fruit pod-shaped, elongated, rectangular shaped, pod length between 5-35 cm, about 2.5 cm wide, containing 5-20 seeds. Harvesting is done after 80-120 days after planting, when the pod was approximately 21 days after anthesis. Young pods, is part of the most widely used plants as raw vegetables, can be eaten raw (as vegetable), boiled, or mixed with other vegetables as vegetable acids, vegetable ve, ointment, Karedok, pecel, gado-gado. It can also be processed by pan-fried.

Winged bean has a protein content and oil / fat is very similar to soybean. Winged behenat acidic fatty acids that are not absorbed by the intestine so it does not cause obesity if consumed much by humans.

Some of the benefits of winged bean tubers:
  1. Not old tubers can be eaten after steaming / boiling in water
  2. Can be made chips after boiling, thinly sliced, and fried. Winged bean tubers can be eaten like a yam.
  3. As drugs canker sores with added sugar cube.

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