Madu Dengan Segala Manfaat

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Madu, hidangan sehat, manis, dan lezat. Kita bahkan dapat bertahan hidup hanya dengan makan madu. Benarkah?
  1. Sumber makanan: Madu merupakan sumber makanan agar seseorang perlu hidup. Di dalamnya mengandung antioksidan, vitamin, mineral, bahkan air.
  2. Membuat sehat: Madu juga mengandung enzim tertentu yang membantu tubuh mencerna makanan dan menjaga sistem kekebalan tubuh bekerja dengan baik. Secara keseluruhan, madu sehat untuk pencernaan, tulang, dan menyeimbangkan berat badan.
  3. Menyembuhkan: Selain sehat, madu juga bersifat penyembuhan. Beberapa kondisi kesehatan yang dapat diobati dengan madu adalah alergi, infeksi, sakit tenggorokan, dan luka bakar.
  4. Tidak basi: Madu dapat disimpan tanpa takut basi.
  5. Rasa madu: Madu memiliki rasa yang berbeda. Itu karena perbedaan bunga yang dihisap oleh lebah. Selain rasa, warna madu juga dibedakan oleh jenis bunga.
  6. Jerawat: Lupakan pembersih mahal yang dijual di pasaran jika kita ingin mencoba menyembuhkan jerawat. Gunakan masker madu dan biarkan selama beberapa menit sebelum dibilas. Jerawat secara bertahap akan berkurang.
  7. Kecantikan: Punya kulit kering? Atau kerutan kecil di daerah mata? Oleskan madu ke wajah. Biarkan selama 30 menit sebelum dibilas dengan air hangat. Madu tidak hanya manjur dari segi kesehatan, tapi juga kecantikan.
  8. Parasit: Ada parasit dalam tubuh yang mampu menyebabkan penyakit berbahaya. Untuk menghilangkannya, cobalah minuman campuran madu, cuka, dan air.
  9. Menenangkan: Jika kita merasa cemas, gugup, atau insomnia, cobalah mengonsumsi madu. Madu memberikan efek menenangkan pada tubuh. Madu juga merupakan suplemen energi yang efektif jika kita merasa lelah.
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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Discomfort is usually experienced by pregnant women is back pain. One source states that back pain experienced by one of two pregnant women. The possibility of a pregnant women experience back pain greater if it had never had back pain before pregnancy, a history of low back pain in a previous pregnancy, old age and pregnant women often labor.

Complaints of back pain can be felt during pregnancy, but it is more common since the middle of pregnancy, often the complaints persist and interfere until the time of delivery. Back pain can occur due to a combination of several factors, such as mechanical factors, metabolic, circulatory, and psychosocial. Effect of mechanical factors such as the changing center of gravity of the body, changes in gait and pregnant women sleeping position.

In one third of pregnant women who started having back pain since the first trimester of pregnancy, pain arises due to changes in hormonal processes. Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause changes in the structure of the network supporting the uterus, triggering the onset of pain. In addition, pregnant women experience back pain found that relaxin hormone levels higher. This confirms the influence of a hormone associated with complaints of back pain.

During pregnancy, spine changed, as if into more lordosis (butt bone tends to stand). This factor along with the muscles and ligaments as well as changes in blood flow in the pelvic area have a role in causing back pain. Complaints of back pain can be reduced by avoiding excessive weight, exercises to strengthen the back muscles, improve posture and wearing shoes or footwear that is comfortable (do not use high heels). Treatment options for reducing pain, ranging from the use of the belt for pelvic support, specific exercises, rest, medication, to massage.

To obtain good posture, note the following:
  • Use a booster cushion in the lower back area when sitting
  • Pull shoulders back slightly
  • The position of the head slightly back so that the ear is a field with a shoulder

Break by lying and doing exercises appear to provide benefits that are very fast, 65% of pregnant women feel an improvement just by doing bed rest and specific exercises. 40% of pregnant women even feel an improvement simply by resting bed rest. Half of pregnant women reduced the complaint states disappear even after using a belt to support the pelvis. Surely you should see a doctor if you experience back pain to find the cause, the doctor will also help choose a form of therapy that suits your condition.

Some of these things should be avoided because it triggers pain, namely:
Standing or walking for more than 30 minutes
  • Lifting a heavy burden (shopping bags, etc.)
  • Standing / resting on one leg
  • Up the stairs
  • Having sex
  • Sleeping on his stomach
  • Standing on a soft (mattress)
  • Driving a car more than 30 minutes
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Tempe Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Menopause is a natural process in women is characterized by decreased ovarian function resulting in decreased production of estrogen. Reduced estrogen leads to various problems, one of which increase the risk of heart disease. The decline in estrogen production causes disruption of blood fat metabolism so it will aggravate the blood lipid profile and oxidation in the body so vulnerable women suffering from coronary heart disease. The linkage is what encourages Diah Mulyawati Utari research doctoral studies in Human Nutrition Program, Graduate School (SPs), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and brought the benefits of tempeh for menopausal women.
Easily oxidized lipids in the body, resulting in the formation of lipid peroxidation characterized by increased malondialdehyde (MDA). High levels of MDA can be used as an indicator of free radicals in the body. Excess free radicals are risk factors for degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Lipid particularly in LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C), known as the bad cholesterol is the primary target of oxidation.

 The occurrence of the K-LDL oxidation is one of the main factors of blood vessel blockage. To prevent this required the presence of antioxidants, one of which is the endogenous antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is the first defense against the oxidation process in the body. He said, in the last 10-12 years, research on the benefits of soy protein and isoflavones increased and depth, and proved that soy consumption not only improve some aspects of health in postmenopausal women, but also improve heart health.
The process of fermentation, so the levels of amino acids, fatty acids, and isoflavones in soybean is much higher than soybeans. Research has been conducted in the city of Bogor (Indonesia) with a total sample of 53 postmenopausal women. The menopausal women are given 160 grams of tempeh every day for four weeks. The amount is equivalent to four slices of tempeh size. Tempe is steamed for 10 minutes and then mixed with certain herbs so be ready to eat foods.

The criteria for the sample in this study were women who experienced menopause, menopause span of 1-5 years, one of the abnormal lipid profiles, not being sick or had a history of degenerative disease, not taking drugs and supplements, do not use estrogen therapy, instead of vegetarianism , and willing to comply with the study. Samples were captured via integrated active coaching post in the city of Bogor.

Analysis shows that food tempe highest amino acid content in tempeh is the highest fatty acid arginine and is linoleic acid. Tempe is also rich in isoflavones and relative levels can be maintained if the tempeh mixed with steaming (not frying).

Statistical test results showed that administration of 160 grams tempeh every day for four weeks can improve lipid profiles in decreased levels of total cholesterol, LDL-C (bad cholesterol), and triglycerides. tempeh may also increase the activity of the antioxidant enzymes SOD and MDA and decrease LDL oxidation. The results of this study indicate that significantly tempeh has the ability to reduce risk factors for coronary heart disease.
Public advised to increase consumption of tempeh every day on an ongoing basis, particularly in menopausal women as well as other groups who have a high risk of coronary heart disease. And to get the maximum effect for health, tempeh should be processed by steaming and frying by avoiding processing.
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