Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Muslim Clothing Business

At present, Muslim clothing business, the more crowded done by women because Muslim dress is very busy looking for buyers, especially in the fasting month and Idul Fitri. The model is also not out of date, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Apart from Muslim clothes, you can sell other accessories such as hoods, mukenah, cap, and others.

Some tips to start this business:
1. Wholesale and Retail
If you have a large capital, you can dive as a wholesale seller. That is, you become the first person who buys from producers and resell it in large quantities as well. Advantages, you can get goods at extremely low prices because it directly from the source first. Conversely, if only a little capital, you can become a seller at retail. As a retailer, you can take advantage 30-100%. By purchasing an item a maximum of 1 scores (20 pieces).

2. Design Your Own
If you have the ability to design, you can dive as sellers as well as producers (make their own products will you sell). To produce your own, you do not need to have its own convection . You can use the system makloon. With this system you can simply provide a design and materials.

3. Fashion Trends
To note, both as a seller or manufacturer, you must have the ability to see trends. In fact, it would be nice if you could create a trend itself. Because clothing is an ever-changing product design from time to time. Attractive design and follow the latest trends would have attracted many buyers. That's why, for you "the new players" need to equip themselves with knowledge about the design, development of fashion, color trends, and new models according to market demands.

4. Shopping Centre Area Sales
Another thing must be noted is the place to get quality goods at cheap prices (if you do not produce the goods themselves). You can buy it directly in the center of a lot of cheap clothing in the area Kawalu (Tasikmalaya) and Soreang (Bandung), West Java. These places are known as centers of Muslim clothing.

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