Cashew As An Anti-Bacterial & Antiseptic

Monday, July 26, 2010
Cashew (Anacardium occidentale), including plants whose seed is divisive, including two institutions leaved plants called dicots. Cashew tree has an uneven and dark brown. Short-stemmed leaves are elliptical (oval) with grooved edges, and strokes in the framework of the leaves clearly visible. The flowers are white. Fruit section of enlarged, fleshy soft, watery, and reddish yellow fruit that is false. Cashew fruit is a kidney-shaped stone fruits with hard skin and seeds of two pieces, and the skin containing sap.

Cashew nut seeds can be fried to a high nutritious food. Cashew fruit can be processed into several forms such as fruit juice processed cashew nuts, candied dried, canned fruit and jam nut. Cashew fruit contains vitamin C and contain chemical compounds such as tannin, acid and cardol anacardic useful as anti-bacterial and antiseptic. Cashew leaves the young have the chemical composition such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and water.

Usefulness cashew:
  1. Ulcer drugs: Take the bark of cashew trees, wash, then boil until boiling and let cool. Use the cooking water as a gargle. Perform regular basis.
  2. Diabetes mellitus: Take two cashew tree bark and fennel to taste, then both the material boiled with 2 liters of water until boiling, then strain. Drink two times daily, morning and afternoon.
  3. Dysentery: Take a handful of herb leaves, nuts and a piece of bark is then boiled in 1.5 liter of water to boil and filter. Drinking boiled water two times a day, morning and afternoon.
  4. Sore mouth: Take a handful of herb leaves, nuts and a piece of bark is then boiled in a liter of water until boiling, strain. Drinking boiled water is two times a day, morning and afternoon.
  5. Laxative: Take the taste of cashew roots and rinse. Boil the roots of cashew nuts and chill it until boiling. Drinking water boiled with regularly.
  6. Eliminate toxins affected the knife / dagger magic: Take the sap from cashew trees and brush on the affected wound poison.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Vertigo is the sensation of motion even though not actually exist. These complaints are usually described as a rotating dizziness (dizziness dizziness). This sensation may be caused by abnormalities or disorders that interfere with the function of the balance. These disorders can occur in the inner ear or brain.

Vertigo can be caused by many things actually. In addition to the balance function disorders, can also be caused by psychological disorders, the use of certain drugs, alcohol and others. Although most of the vertigo is not known why, but further tests to find the cause needs to be done. This is intended to eliminate a serious cause that may endanger lives.

Several metabolic disorders can cause vertigo, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, and disorders of calcium. The cause of autoimmune also can cause this complaint, including rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis), lupus, sarcoid, and various other diseases which are rare. Infectious diseases such as syphilis can also cause vertigo. The causes of the above can be detected by laboratory examination.

viral labyrinthitis (an organ in the inner ear) is an inflammatory reaction that can occur after influenza. Vertigo that can arise spontaneously disappear, but can also just lost a few months later. Bacterial infection in labyrinthitis is a life-threatening infection, usually followed by severe vertigo, vomiting, and high body temperature. This condition requires hospitalization. Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor on the auditory nerve or the nerve of balance that lies between the ears and brain. This can usually be cured with surgery and can be life threatening if not treated. Hearing and balance tests can identify these tumors, while MRI is needed to confirm the location of the tumor.

Mild vertigo due to a change in position is the most common cause of vertigo. This is caused by a sudden head movement, such as sleep and wake up only occur a few seconds. Meniere's syndrome is a condition where the presence of fluid in the inner ear that causes vertigo arising lost, feeling full in the ear, and hearing loss which also fluctuates and ears buzzing. Vertigo is usually gone within a few hours. In some cases hearing loss may get worse. Allergies, especially to food can lead to accumulation of fluid in the inner ear and symptoms similar to Meniere's syndrome. Identification and treatment of allergy symptoms are usually reduced.

Various neurological problems, such as multiple sclerosis, brain infections and brain tumors can cause vertigo. Balancing test will tell if the cause coming from the inner ear or the central nervous system.
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Olive Oil For Cancer

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Prophet Muhammad SAW advised to consume olive oil and make it as a topical oil. For the first time in history, on 21 April 1997 held a meeting in Rome, Italy, attended by 16 medical experts the most famous in the world. They explore, examine and issue an important decision about olive oil and white seaweed food. Olive oil may protect against infections arteriole (small blood vessels in the liver and inhibits the increase kolesteterol), blood pressure and diabetes, protect against Part of the cancer. Olive oil can lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels, without causing negative impacts on the beneficial cholesterol.

A study written in the magazine edition Lanost December 20, 1999, disclosed that the state is predominantly Muslim Albanians, in fact privileged because it can reduce the death rate - average of 41 men - men of the 100 000 inhabitants. Does that mean the same as half the mortality rate in the UK. The secret, because they usually use olive oil in each of their food.

According to Dr. Aldo Ferara at the University of Naples in Italy that was published in the magazine edition of Archives of Internal Medicine, March 27, 2007, after conducting a study of 23 patients affected by high blood pressure and they get the medication - drugs to stabilize his blood pressure, stated that the decrease in blood pressure can be achieved through Seven digits for the people who consume olive oil.

The experts who do research on because the decline in cancer death rates in the territory of the middle white sea, cite the habit of people in this area who use olive oil as a raw material oil topical, in addition to their habit of consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds peas and mushrooms.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Celery including vegetables, herbs that have a tremendous benefit. Celery plantations in Indonesia have in Berastagi, North Sumatra and West Java spread in Pacet, Pangalengan and Cipanas the cool air. Celery used in Indonesia to complement the vegetables (soup). While the ancient Romans used celery as a garland. Containing celery nutrition, among others, (per 100 grams): calories 20 calories, 1 gram protein, 0.1 grams fat, 4.6 grams carbohydrate, 50 mg calcium, phosphorus 40 mg, 1 mg iron, Vitamin A 130 SI, Vitamin B1 0.03 mg, Vitamin C 11 mg, and 63% edible part.

About celery
1. Celery is a vegetable / plant, which many of China's traditional society has long been used to lower blood pressure. This can happen because of the content of apigenin which may prevent narrowing of blood vessels. These effects will be greater thanks to the Pthalide components that can relax blood vessels.

2. Celery contains a Phytosterol, which is efficacious for lowering blood cholesterol, prevent cancer, to maintain oral hygiene and dental care, especially for the elderly. Raw celery can stimulate production of saliva and dental porous, it can clean up leftovers that are in between the teeth. Celery can also be refreshing aroma of mouth

3. Celery has a relatively good nutritional components, the amount of vitamin K and vitamin C are included in the excellent category. The content of potassium, folate, fiber, vitamin B6, both Uncategorized. In addition Celery also contains enough calcium source, vitamin B1, magnesium, vitamin A, Tryptophan, iron and vitamin B12.

4. China, traditional medicine uses celery to stabilize high blood pressure, able to cope with chronic stomach pain, bladder infections and problems urinating. If you have trouble urinating, you can simply eat the leaves of celery that has been washed clean. Celery can function as a natural diuretic which can increase the speed of formation of urine.

5. Consuming celery leaves can help the body to perform the discharge of toxic or detoxification. Celery is also able to boost the immune system and nervous system. The trick is to make some celery that has been shaped powder with boiling water, then drink it in warm.

But before eating celery should make sure you are not allergic to celery. If you do not like celery leaves eaten directly, just mix on each dish and added its portion. You can use a mixture of celery soup or salad.
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Oranges For Health

Monday, July 19, 2010
Oranges contain vitamin C, which have many benefits, is composed of several elements: skin, flesh of fruit, acidity and seed. According to historical records, orange (Citrus sp) came from Asia, mainland China was first believed to be the place to grow. Now almost citrus fruit widespread throughout the hemisphere and become one of the most popular fruit. Substances contained in the orange is bioflanid, limonene essential oil, citric acid, acetic acid and fellandren linalin believed to cure the disease cough, reduce fever, improve sexual desire and make a melodious voice.

Benefits of orange peel:
  1. If put on the clothes can prevent smells. The aroma can neutralize the dirty air.
  2. Eliminate bad breath odor, and helps the digestive process if used in a mixture of food.
  3. Water Juice of orange peel can be used as wound dressings.
  4. Ashes of the orange peel is a good scouring of leprosy
The fruit is useful for
  1. Reduce hemorrhoids / constipation
  2. For patients with biliary disease.

Orange seeds useful for:
  1. For a deadly poison, by reducing the seed in warm water. Then water attenuation 2timbangan sized seeds were taken, each weighing approximately 25 grams. Will also be very useful if the beans are crushed and placed on the affected parts of the body shock.
  2. Beneficial to the scorpion sting, by soaking seeds orange drink water. Would be useful if he crushed and placed at the site of sting.
Citrus fruits and their benefits:
1. Lemon
Shiny green skin color, yellowish-white flesh is very sour and flavor, widely used water as an ingredient in cooking or mixed drinks.

2. Lime
smaller form of orange juice, fragrant aroma and flavor acid. Very suitable for a variety of processed seafood and chilli mixture.

3. Lemon Cui
Yellowish green rind, sour flavor and contains a lot of water. anado and ethnic Chinese residents often use this to mix lime pickles, chilli or processed seafood.

4. Kumquat
Mini shape and contain little water. Fruit leather thick so widely used for cooking the mixture, pickle, preserved or marmalade.

5. Mandarin
Easily peeled rind, sweet and juicy flavor. Many are consumed as fresh fruit and canned fruit.

6. Grapefruit.
Larger forms of mandarin oranges. His skin was shiny with yellow or reddish-yellow fruit. Very suitable for juice or fruit comppote because many contain water and a sour taste dominates.

7. Seville Orange
The skin is very difficult to peel the fruit so as not suitable for table fruit. Flavor sweet and without seeds, is widely used as raw material for jam, marmalade or jelly.
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Rambutan Fruit

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Rambutan fruit contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. The content of tannins and saponins found in the skin of the fruit and leaves. While the seeds contain fat and polyphenols. Oval fruit shape, with recurved thorns. Green colored rind and a yellow or red if the fruit is ripe. ellipse-shaped seed, wrapped in transparent white flesh, many containing water and can be eaten. Any fruit flavor varies from sweet to sour. rambutan fruit suitable consumed by people who are dieting or maintain weight.

Rambutan fruit is useful for
  1. Strengthen muscles
  2. Upset stomach
  3. Deworming medicine.
Roots to cure fever, bark for sore tongue, leaves for a headache remedy. Rambutan fruits contain iron, potassium, vitamin C. every 100 grams (about three rambutan fruit contains 69 calories, 18.1 grams of carbohydrates, and 58 mg vitamin). Rambutan fiber content is also quite high, about 2 grams per 100 grams of fruit weight.

Rambutan seed is not toxic and contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, which can meet the nutritional needs of the body. Rambutan seed polyphenols also quite high in fat. Composition of chemical substances in the seeds are mature rambutan properties hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar levels) so that the seeds of rambutan is widely used for alternative medicine to normalize blood sugar levels diabetic (diabetes mellitus are likely to be high). The trick is to take that garbage five rambutan fruit is ripe, separate the seeds. Rambutan seed Cut into small pieces, then toasted until blackish yellow. Finely milled to a powder. Enter all the powder into a cup, pour boiling hot water. After chilling, drinking the clear water as well as dispose of pulp or sediment. Do it before eating as much as 1-3 times a day, depending on how high the sugar level when performing this therapy. Consumption every day if necessary.
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Herbal Medicines Agency Deodorizing

Friday, July 16, 2010
1. Leaf beluntas (Pluchea Indica)
Plants commonly used as live fences has unique character and taste bitter unpleasant smells. Leaves and flowers contain alkali which acts as an antiseptic. Other levels of the chemical between the amino (leucine, isoleucine, tryptophan, threonine), fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and C. To get rid of body odor, usually eaten raw beluntas leaves or steamed first. Beluntas of boiled leaves are also delicious eaten as urap (vegetables with spiced grated coconut). If accustomed to eat the leaves beluntas, body odor will disappear. In addition, less savory smell of the mouth that would be lost. For those who do not like, can drink water boiled with the leaves every morning and evening. Beluntas also useful for lowering the body temperature cools the body so much sweat that comes out and the body temperature to drop.

2. Rhizome of Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorrhiza)
Substances contained in the curcuma is sapomin, flavoinoida and essential oils to eliminate body odor. The trick is to drink a decoction of ginger rhizome has finely chopped. Of ginger juice that has been shredded with a little honey can also be drunk to eliminate the odor that comes out of the body. In addition, also of ginger grated can be smeared all over the body, were taken to dry before cleaning for obtain maximum results.

3. Citrus Purut (Citrus bystrix)
Her skin contains essential oils that smell nice. Lime can be used for eliminate body odor by drinking juice mixed with a kaffir lime kencur mashed together with some water.

4. Basil (Ocimun Balisicum)
Active substance contained in a basil leaf also functions as an antiseptic. For
get advantage of this leaf is also used as a raw salad or as vegetable urap who is also raw. Basil leaves also contain substances that may increase appetite ate. For women who are menstruating, if you eat basil leaves roughly one cell in the morning and afternoon during the menstrual period will avoid this smell that often befall women's menstruation.

5. Flowers Etlingera elatior (Nicolaia speciosa)
Active substances contained in them that can eliminate body odor is sapomin, flavoinoida and polyphenols. Etlingera elatior can be exploited by cooking leaves and young edible flowers as a friend to eat rice. In certain regions cooked Etlingera elatiorve as a vegetable.

6. Betel leaf (Piper betle)
Betel leaf which has long been known as a powerful antiseptic also known to contain active substances are able to eliminate body odor. Betel known potent deodorizing body mainly caused bacteria or fungi. Chemical constituents in the essential oil of betel leaf, among others kadinen, kavikol, sineol, eugenol, karvakol and leather substance. To get rid of body odor, one way is to soak a few betel leaves in hot water. After chilling, the water is drunk. Can also be added to white sugar just enough to taste. Another way is to smooth the betel leaf with lime and then applied to the armpits.

7. Clove / Clove (Eugenia aromatica)
Some clove flower bud swell and the water is soaked so drunk. Clove bud boiling water with some brown sugar, can also be fresh and warm drinks at a time when it rains.

8. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
Many Indians believe that if you eat ginger to make them smell sweet. According to Chao Cing Pen of Emperor Shen Nong (3000 BC), fresh ginger can eliminate body odor and bringing it to the spiritual aura. Wedang ginger if consumed regularly can be very helpful to overcome the problem body odor.

9. Cucumber / Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)
One fruit of young cucumber peeled and rubbed into the body and smelling up
repeated after a bath.

10. Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
Lime juice mixed with a little whiting and then rubbed to a specific section like the armpit believed to expel the unpleasant body odor.
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Manfaat Rimpang Bangle

Monday, July 5, 2010
Bangle atau Zingiber pupureum Roscoe digolongkan sebagai rempah-rempah yang memiliki khasiat obat. Bangle mempunyai rimpang yang menjalar dan berdaging, bentuknya hampir bundar sampai jorong atau tidak beraturan dengan tebal 2-5 mm. Permukaan luar tidak rata, berkerut, berwarna coklat muda kekuningan, bila dibelah berwarna kuning muda sampai kuning kecoklatan. Rasanya tidak enak, pedas dan pahit.

Bentuk daun tunggal, letak berseling dengan helaian daun lonjong, tipis, ujung runcing, pangkal tumpul, tepi rata, berambut halus, jarang, bertulang menyirip, warnanya hijau. Bunganya bunga majemuk, bentuk tandan, keluar di ujung batang, panjang gagang sampai 20 cm. Bagian yang mengandung bunga bentuknya bulat telur atau seperti gelendong. Daun kelopak tersusun seperti sisik tebal, kelopak bentuk tabung, ujung bergerigi tiga, warna merah menyala. Bibir bunga bentuknya bundar memanjang, warnanya putih atau pucat.

Kegunaan Rimpang:
  1. Demam, masuk angin : 15 gram rimpang bangle yang segar dicuci lalu diparut. Tambahkan 1/2 cangkir air panas dan 2 sendok makan madu. Diaduk merata lalu diperas dan disaring, minum. Minum 2 kali sehari.
  2. Batuk berdahak.
  3. Perut nyeri : Rimpang bangle, rimpang jahe, kencur dan lempuyang wangi, masing-masing 1/2 jari tangan dicuci lalu diiris tipis-tipis. Rebus dengan 1 gelas air bersih sampai tersisa 1/2 gelas. Setelah dingin disaring, lalu diminum.
  4. Sembelit.
  5. Sakit kuning : 1/2 jari rimpang bangle dicuci bersih lalu diparut. Tambahkan air masak dan madu masing-masing 1 sendok makan. Peras dan saring, minum. Lakukan 2 kali sehari.
  6. Cacingan : 3 jari rimpang bangle, 2 jari temu hitam, 5 biji ketumbar dan 5 lembar tangkai daun sirih dicuci lalu diiris tipis-tipis, kemudian ditumbuk halus. Tambahkan 1/ 2 cangkir air masak, diaduk merata lalu diperas dan disaring. Minum.
  7. Rheumatism/nyeri sendi : Rimpang segar secukupnya dicuci Ialu diparut, tambahkan arak sampai menjadi adonan seperti bubur encer. Borehkan kebagian sendi yang sakit.
  8. Ramuan jamu pada wanita setelah melahirkan
  9. Mengecilkan perut setelah melahirkan : Rimpang bangle secukupnya dicuci lalu diparut, borehkan pada perut.
  10. Kegemukan : Sepotong rimpang bangle dan 7 lembar daun jati belanda dicuci lalu direbus dengan 1,5 gelas air bersih sampai tersisa 1 gelas. Setelah dingin disaring, dibagi untuk 2 kali minum pagi dan sore hari.
Kegunaan daun:
1. Untuk mengatasi napsu makan.
2. Untuk mengobati perut yang terasa penuh.
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Jati Belanda Untuk Pelangsing

Jati belanda/guazuma ulmifolia merupakan tanaman yang tumbuh subur di iklim tropis, seperti Indonesia. Tanaman ini berasal dari negara Amerika yang beriklim tropis dan tumbuh di dataran rendah. Jati belanda biasanya ditanam sebagai pohon peneduh, tanaman pekarangan atau tumbuhan yang liar. Daun, buah, biji dan kulit kayu bagian dalam merupakan bagian tanaman yang bisa dipergunakan sebagai obat.

Jati belanda merupakan pohon yang berbatang keras bercabang, berkayu bulat dengan permukaan batang yang kasar, dan berwarna coklat kehijauan. Daunnya berbentuk bulat telur berwarna hijau dengan pinggiran bergerigi, permukaan kasar, ujung rucing, pangkal berlekuk, pertulangan menyirip berseling, dan berukuran panjang 10-16 cm serta lebar 3-6 cm. Bunganya berwarna kuning, berbau wangi serta memiliki titik merah di bagian tengah, berbentuk mayang dan muncul di ketiak daun. Buah dari tanaman ini berbentuk bulat, keras, memiliki lima ruang, permukaan tidak rata berwarna hijau ketika muda dan berubah menjadi cokelat kehitaman setelah tua.

Zat- zat yang terkandung dari seluruh bagian tanaman Jati Belanda:
  1. Tanin : Suatu zat yang banyak terkandung di bagian daun, mampu mengurangi penyerapan makanan dengan cara mengendapkan mukosa protein yang ada dalam permukaan usus.
  2. Musilago : Suatu zat yang berbentuk lendir bersifat sebagai pelicin. Dengan adanya musilago, absorbsi usus terhadap makanan dapat dikurangi. Hal ini yang yang menjadi alasan banyaknya daun jati belanda yang dimanfaatkan sebagai obat susut perut dan pelangsing.
Khasiat Jati Belanda:
  1. Melangsingkan tubuh: 7 lembar daun jati belanda kemudian rebus dalam air mendidih. Setelah air berubah warna, angkat dan saringlah air tersebut hingga bersih dari serat-serat daun yang ada. Kemudian tuangkan ke dalam gelas dan minumlah selagi hangat.
  2. Mengatasi kolesterol dan rematik
  3. Sebagai obat penyakit kaki gajah. Penyakit ini disebabkan oleh aktivitas sejenis cacing yang menyumbat aliran getah bening. Gejala khas yang timbul dari penyakit ini adalah adanya pembengkakan yang sangat besar pada jaringan-jaringan pengikat dan pembuluh getah bening. Daun yang akan digunakan sebagai ramuan dipilih daun yang segar dan berwarna hijau tua diambil secukupnya, dikeringkan dengan cara diangin – anginkan, tetapi harus terhindar dari cahaya matahari langsung karena dapat mengubah warna daun menjadi cokelat kehitaman. Daun yang sudah kering digiling sampai menjadi serbuk. Serbuk diambil kira–kira sebanyak 20 gram serbuk, kemudian seduh dengan air panas, disaring, dan air saringan diminum sehari 2 kali.
  4. Buahnya dimanfaatkan untuk obat diare dan batuk
  5. Kulit batangnya cocok untuk tonikum, obat penyakit lepra dan herpes.
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Khasiat Labu Siam

Friday, July 2, 2010
Labu siam/manisah/labu jipang/waluh siam atau Sechium edule adalah jenis tumbuhan suku labu-labuan yang dapat dimakan buah dan pucuk mudanya. Tanaman ini termasuk tanaman merambat yang dapat tumbuh pada tanah dataran tinggi maupun dataran rendah, tanpa banyak memerlukan perawatan khusus. Tanaman ini tumbuh merambat diatas tanah agak memanjat dengan buah yang menggantung dari tangkai dengan bentuk daun segitiga dan permukaan daunnya sedikit berbulu. Labu siam banyak mengandung getah serta zat-zat seperti protein, lemak, kalsium, fosfor dan besi.

Berdasarkan penampilan buahnya, labu siam terbagi menjadi dua varietas, yaitu varietas labu siam dan varietas labu anggur. Varietas labu siam memiliki ukuran buah besar, dapat dipanen pada stadium cukup tua untuk bahan sayuran atau stadium amat muda (baby) sebagai bahan lalapan. Varietas labu anggur memiliki ukuran buah kecil, umumnya dipanen pada stadium amat muda (baby) untuk dijadikan bahan lalapan.

Khasiat labu siam:
  1. Menyembuhkan gusi berdarah. Parut labu siam yang sebelumnya sudah dicuci, kemudian beri 2 sendok makan air matang dan 1 sendok makan madu. Peras dan saring, diminum sehari 3 kali sebanyak yang diperlukan.
  2. Mengatasi sariawan dengan cara memakan buah labu siam sebagai lauk atau dimakan mentah sebagai lalapan.
  3. Labu siam mampu menghilangkan garis hitam di tumit, caranya dengan mengoleskan getah labu siam pada tumit yang bergaris hitam. Tunggu sampai kering kemudian buka secara perlahan.
  4. Makanan sehat buat jantung dan mampu menangkal kanker.
  5. Buah labu siam memiliki kadar serat yang cukup baik ( yaitu 1,7 gram per 100 gram) sangat baik untuk mengatasi sembelit dan aman untuk lambung yang sensitif atau radang usus. Serat pangan dapat mengurangi risiko penyakit kanker yang disebabkan sistem pencernaan yang tidak sempurna.
  6. Asam folat pada labu siam sangat penting bagi ibu hamil karena dapat mengurangi risiko kelahiran bayi cacat.
  7. Labu siam kaya akan Kalium yang berguna bagi tubuh untuk mengendalikan tekanan darah, terapi darah tinggi, serta membersihkan karbondioksida di dalam darah. Kalium juga bermanfaat untuk memicu kerja otot dan simpul saraf. Kalium yang tinggi juga akan memperlancar pengiriman oksigen ke otak dan membantu memperlancar keseimbangan cairan, sehingga tubuh menjadi lebih segar.
  8. Labu siam mengandung komponen vitamin yang cukup tinggi yang merupakan bagian dari vitamin B kompleks yang disebut sebagai vitamin B3, berfungsi untuk menurunkan produksi VLDL (very low density lipoprotein) di dalam hati, sehingga produksi kolesterol LDL (low density lipoprotein) dan trigliserida dapat menurun.
  9. Labu siam kaya akan vitamin B6 mempunyai peran penting dalam metabolisme protein. Vitamin B6 sangat esensial untuk proses transaminasi dan deaminasi serta dekarboksilasi asam amino.
  10. Labu siam memiliki efek diuretik, sehingga mampu menurunkan kadar garam di dalam darah melalui pembuangan air seni. Berkurangnya kadar garam yang bersifat menyerap atau menahan air ini akan meringankan kerja jantung dalam memompa darah, sehingga tekanan darah akan menurun.
  11. Labu siam juga sangat baik bagi penderita asam urat. Efek diuretik dari labu siam akan melancarkan pembuangan air kecil, sehingga kelebihan asam urat dapat segera dikeluarkan dari dalam tubuh.
  12. Labu siam juga baik bagi penderita diabetes
  13. Pada labu siam juga terkandung komponen tanin yang bersifat antimikroba, serta alkaloid yang mampu memperlancar peredaran darah sehingga mencegah penyakit stroke.
  14. Labu siam telah dikenal sebagai obat wasir.
  15. Kandungan air yang tinggi pada labu siam membuatnya sangat baik untuk menjaga kesehatan ginjal. Labu siam juga mengandung komponen saponin yang sangat bermanfaat bagi tubuh. Kandungan saponin sangat bermanfaat untuk menghambat dan mencegah penyerapan kolesterol di dalam darah. Rata-rata konsumsi saponin yang dianjurkan adalah 15 mg setiap hari.
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Tumit Kaki Yang Pecah-pecah

Kekeringan dan pecah-pecah kulit pada tumit kaki sangat menjengkelkan, terutama pada saat pergantian musim seperti sekarang ini atau karena tidak cocok dengan pemakaian air sehari-hari. Hal tersebut membuat kita tidak nyaman saat mengenakan alas kaki atau sandal yang terbuka di bagian belakang.

Langkah apa yang harus kita lakukan untuk menghindari tumit kaki yang pecah-pecah?
  1. Beli dan kenakan sepatu yang pas di kaki kita karena sepatu yang kekecilan ataupun kebesaran akan membuat kulit kaki tergesek dan menjadi pecah-pecah.
  2. Siasati dengan gonta-ganti alas sepatu karena akan membuat kaki akan lebih segar dan enak dilihat. Menggunakan alas kaki yang sama terus menerus setiap hari akan menyebabkan lapisan kulit kaki Anda pecah-pecah.
  3. Gunakan batu apung untuk menggosok kaki. Gosok dibawah air yang mengalir/kran dengan gerakan berputar, membentuk lingkaran kecil pada kulit kaki, terutama pada tumit. Jika rutin dilakukan, maka kulit kaki akan lebih halus.
  4. Gunakan lotion yang mengandung formula AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) atau petroleum jelly. Untuk hasil yang maksimal, tutup dengan kaus kaki setelah pemakaian.

Untuk mempertahankan kehalusan kulit tumit kaki dengan cara:
  1. Rendam kaki dengan air suam-suam kuku.
  2. Gosoklah kaki perlahan dengan batu apung.
  3. Angkat dan keringkan kaki dengan handuk.
  4. Usapkan krim untuk melembabkan kaki, terutama pada bagian yang pecah-pecah.
  5. Gunakan kaos kaki saat tidur.
  6. Selamat mencoba.
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