Monday, April 30, 2012

Water For Health

You know that dry mouth, thirst, or prolonged fatigue, a symptom of dehydration. So, why do not you also get used to drinking water? In fact, the advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day that we have heard since elementary school.

Indeed, sometimes it feels boring to drink water. In fact, if you drink plenty of water, there are three problems that can be resolved. Not only the sheer thirst, but also the weight and general health condition.

1. Increase energy
Lack of fluid can make women become exhausted. According to studies, drinking water during exercise can help a person to undergo training with a more vibrant. You are advised to add a drink in two or three hours before doing activities like going to the gym, swimming, and various other activities that require a lot of energy. To give another flavor, add the lemon flavor, mint, fruit or frozen, in water.

2. Stop snacking
Hunger can be caused by thirst. Thirst is sometimes obscured so that the felt is hungry. Drink water slowly throughout the day to cope with such thirst. When diligent drink, your stomach feel more full so you are not tempted to look for a snack. Drinking can also be done in between eating the food, thus providing a major satiety sooner.

3. The advantage to the brain According to the study of the European Journal of Neurology, a person who has migraine disease can reduce the duration and intensity of headaches by consuming six glasses of water each day.

Keep in mind, dehydration may develop into something serious, such as low blood and a rapid heartbeat. So fluid is necessary to avoid these things. When bored with drinking plain water, try a refreshing alternative to diversify your drink.

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