Saturday, April 28, 2012

Face Care

Almost every woman is familiar with the powder. Get to know more in order to further enhance you. All face powder, an average of the same function. Although the same function, but the needs of each person is different.
For oily skin, use a powder that contains oil absorbent materials in order to face a fresh look without the polish. While for normal or dry skin, use a powder that contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent clumping of the skin until the face looks fine.
For oily skin. If the skin looks shiny mid-day, do not immediately provide information on the powder. Absorb oil with a tissue first. New Dab powder. For dry skin: Pay attention that you do not use too much powder. Always use (moisturizer) before, to avoid the powder on the lines of the face.
Generally, the powder consists of two forms ie powder (loose powder) and pressed powder (compact powder). The selection of the powder depends on your needs. Powder is not practical to be taken away because it can spill. For home use makeup powder. To freshen makeup outside the house using solid powder. Solid powder, in addition to practical, can also be adjusted to the amount of usage. If you have difficulty in using the affixing powder (tend to put too much powder) is better to use only solid powder.
For Asian skin, either yellow or brown. Generally, the powder with shades of yellow and brown is more suitable than the powder pink and white. If you have doubts, can use a transparent color powder is commonly known as powder Tranlucent Powder. Because of this transparent powder color is almost smooth, then the adaptive nature. Suitable for this type of skin color.
This type of skin color that is not appropriate to use transparent powder is a very dark skin color, or vice versa is very pale. For both types of skin color, choose a color as close as powder (or one color young) of the skin color is very dark or very pale it. When trying to color powder in the store, try the powder in the middle between the neck and face. If not possible, try on the inside of the wrist, because the color of the section closest to the skin color. Thus, we know what fits you.
After applying foundation and concealer, let stand a minute more or less for 1-2 minutes to absorb and blend with the texture of the skin. Afterward, the new Dab powder which concentrated on the face that tends to oily, namely daerat T (forehead, nose, chin). To appear smooth Dab powder and dispose of the excess with a brush thick fur. Besihkan in a circular motion toward the bottom (chin). This will eliminate the excess / clots of powder on the skin, especially around the hairline and eyebrows.

You can also put the powder directly using a brush, but remember to clean the face of the remaining excess powder afterwards. Use powder before you start to apply makeup, makeup for the durable / long lasting. Remember that makeup, including powder, need time to absorb and merge with the skin. After you use the powder, wait for 1-2 minutes. If the appearance of the powder is too light / too thick, then wear fur thick brush on the surface of the face. Then spray some facial spray or mineral water and pat gently using a paper towel.

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