Monday, April 30, 2012

Fruit Acids Lower Risk of Stroke

The content of antioxidant flavonoids found in citrus fruits such as oranges and grapes offer protection against diseases associated with blood clotting such as stroke. The findings were published in the journal of the American Heart Association, Stroke. The goal is to provide a new insight for many people to reduce consumption of cardiovascular drugs and give more attention to the nutritional approach to improve heart health.

Researchers found that women who put a lot of citrus fruits in the diet, 19 percent do not have a tendency to suffer a stroke than women who did not include citrus fruits in the diet. This is a very provocative study because it proposes to include citrus fruits into the diet can reduce the risk of stroke. "

Known as 'vitamin P', flavonoids are available in various types and combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Plant-based antioxidants are known to dilate blood vessels so that a smooth blood circulation and promote the prevention of inflammatory disease in the body. Flavonoids are also linked to efforts to prevent the development and spread of cancer. A study published several years ago in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, for example, found that people who consumed flavonoid and sub​​-group, high amounts of proanthocyanidin 44 percent less likely to develop oral cancer, 40 percent lower esophageal cancer of the larynx and 30 percent develop lower colon cancer when compared with the other.

Nutritional advantages of flavonoids include increasing intracellular vitamin C levels, reduced leakage and damage to small blood vessels, preventing a bruise easily, and support for the immune system.

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