Monday, July 19, 2010

Oranges For Health

Oranges contain vitamin C, which have many benefits, is composed of several elements: skin, flesh of fruit, acidity and seed. According to historical records, orange (Citrus sp) came from Asia, mainland China was first believed to be the place to grow. Now almost citrus fruit widespread throughout the hemisphere and become one of the most popular fruit. Substances contained in the orange is bioflanid, limonene essential oil, citric acid, acetic acid and fellandren linalin believed to cure the disease cough, reduce fever, improve sexual desire and make a melodious voice.

Benefits of orange peel:
  1. If put on the clothes can prevent smells. The aroma can neutralize the dirty air.
  2. Eliminate bad breath odor, and helps the digestive process if used in a mixture of food.
  3. Water Juice of orange peel can be used as wound dressings.
  4. Ashes of the orange peel is a good scouring of leprosy
The fruit is useful for
  1. Reduce hemorrhoids / constipation
  2. For patients with biliary disease.

Orange seeds useful for:
  1. For a deadly poison, by reducing the seed in warm water. Then water attenuation 2timbangan sized seeds were taken, each weighing approximately 25 grams. Will also be very useful if the beans are crushed and placed on the affected parts of the body shock.
  2. Beneficial to the scorpion sting, by soaking seeds orange drink water. Would be useful if he crushed and placed at the site of sting.
Citrus fruits and their benefits:
1. Lemon
Shiny green skin color, yellowish-white flesh is very sour and flavor, widely used water as an ingredient in cooking or mixed drinks.

2. Lime
smaller form of orange juice, fragrant aroma and flavor acid. Very suitable for a variety of processed seafood and chilli mixture.

3. Lemon Cui
Yellowish green rind, sour flavor and contains a lot of water. anado and ethnic Chinese residents often use this to mix lime pickles, chilli or processed seafood.

4. Kumquat
Mini shape and contain little water. Fruit leather thick so widely used for cooking the mixture, pickle, preserved or marmalade.

5. Mandarin
Easily peeled rind, sweet and juicy flavor. Many are consumed as fresh fruit and canned fruit.

6. Grapefruit.
Larger forms of mandarin oranges. His skin was shiny with yellow or reddish-yellow fruit. Very suitable for juice or fruit comppote because many contain water and a sour taste dominates.

7. Seville Orange
The skin is very difficult to peel the fruit so as not suitable for table fruit. Flavor sweet and without seeds, is widely used as raw material for jam, marmalade or jelly.

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