Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olive Oil For Cancer

Prophet Muhammad SAW advised to consume olive oil and make it as a topical oil. For the first time in history, on 21 April 1997 held a meeting in Rome, Italy, attended by 16 medical experts the most famous in the world. They explore, examine and issue an important decision about olive oil and white seaweed food. Olive oil may protect against infections arteriole (small blood vessels in the liver and inhibits the increase kolesteterol), blood pressure and diabetes, protect against Part of the cancer. Olive oil can lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels, without causing negative impacts on the beneficial cholesterol.

A study written in the magazine edition Lanost December 20, 1999, disclosed that the state is predominantly Muslim Albanians, in fact privileged because it can reduce the death rate - average of 41 men - men of the 100 000 inhabitants. Does that mean the same as half the mortality rate in the UK. The secret, because they usually use olive oil in each of their food.

According to Dr. Aldo Ferara at the University of Naples in Italy that was published in the magazine edition of Archives of Internal Medicine, March 27, 2007, after conducting a study of 23 patients affected by high blood pressure and they get the medication - drugs to stabilize his blood pressure, stated that the decrease in blood pressure can be achieved through Seven digits for the people who consume olive oil.

The experts who do research on because the decline in cancer death rates in the territory of the middle white sea, cite the habit of people in this area who use olive oil as a raw material oil topical, in addition to their habit of consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds peas and mushrooms.

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