Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Secretions from The Genitals Of Women

Vaginal secretions are normal things that are common in every woman. Vaginal secretions is the discharge from the genitals of women, this fluid can be sweat, mucus or fluid from the glands around the vagina.

In good health, it is normal for every woman. And secretion that comes out has a normal color and aroma. Secretion is not just a normal discharge that has no health benefits.
However, vaginal secretions serve to provide a good climate in the sense of the natural moisture in the vagina in order to maintain health. Especially in the period, the secretion that occurs is a discharge of blood which is a mature egg cell but did not get fertilized.

Vaginal secretions often experience changes in texture, color and odor. It is closely related to changes in hormones and menstrual cycles experienced by a woman. Although it is normal, sometimes it changes the look of vaginal secretions may be an indication of an infection or disease.

Eg secretion that appears to change color from white or yellow normally become more concentrated and pungent and painful. If it is so there is need for consultation and treatment from a doctor SpOG. SpOG doctors are physicians who have medical science with a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. Some female disease begins with a change in vaginal secretions.

By doing some step examination, the doctor will be able to determine the type SpOG disease and therapy should be done about it. Some women are often considered one of the vaginal secretion, which is often considered something normal interrupt. Ironically some of the cleaning liquid ads for women suggests that women who are healthy organ is a doormat. Because misunderstanding had a lot of women do a few ways to make the female organs dry up and doormat.

One of them with alternative treatments (such as drinking herbs and gurah vagina). If the views of medical science, the vagina should always wet climate around it so well maintained. More important for women are doing things that support the health of the female organs, such as eating a healthy diet and regular exercise and maintain a healthy body.

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