Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips For Choosing a Party Dress

Style Muslim fashion design is increasingly varied. A wide range of very practical model of feminine tunics paired with skirts or trousers simple cut. However, how the time must attend a formal party? Muslim clothing such as what should you wear?

Actually, the choice is easy. Muslim clothing is simple with muted colors and fresh pas worn for various occasions. However, you also can create more with the clothes you have.

While attending a party during the day, wear Muslim clothing in bright colors. However, choose a material that absorbs sweat that does not wrinkle. Should consist of two pieces, tops, and pants. For more activities still in place, you can use a long skirt.

To the party on lazy afternoons, you can wear a matching color like green or blue fresh in the form of a long tunic embroidered in the front, paired with long skirts or tunics China accented with embroidery and sequins on the front side. Clothing is also matching colored pants paired with younger as combinations thereof. Muslim fashion accented flowers on the front makes the blouse looks chic and stylish. Do not forget to wear light-colored shawl that no impression of monotonous appearance.

To force the younger, creative with batik. Currently, there are a lot of batik cloth that is packaged in a contemporary style. Select only the newfangled Jackie-O or striped babydoll and combined with denim or trousers pipe.

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