Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Crying

The experts called for new moms who have babies and give milk to be less panic if the baby cry more often. Studies show that babies get breast milk are more likely to cry than those who drank milk formula.

Scientists from the Medical Research Council in England declared, the nature prone to crying of babies that drinking milk is a natural phenomenon. Although the babies are given formula appear more satisfied and easy to be appeased, breast milk remains the best for the baby and can not be replaced. For this reason, experts hope the parents especially those new to have a baby for more realistic and remain patient and faithful to breastfeed for the health and well children in the future.

Breastfeeding does not need an easy struggle, so that not a few mothers who were eventually forced to quit in the middle of the road with a variety of reasons. But for the good of the baby, mothers are still advised to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first six months.

The most common reason that revealed the mother who finally decide to stop breastfeeding is "breast milk alone can not satisfy my baby". According to experts from the MRC, this fact reflects perspesi irritability or irritability "cranky" in infants as a negative sign.
In fact, MRC scientists confirmed that the properties of easy cranky babies is something that is normal and is a natural way in conveying their wishes to the mother and this need not be a threat. For example, some babies will cry when experiencing fatigue or body pain.

Meanwhile, the reason why babies fed on formula so calm, perhaps because they were just too stuffed
"Babies who are bottle-fed seem more satisfied, but research indicates these babies and excess nutrients and their weight rise too fast. Our findings are basically the same as any other stage of life that people often feel that it makes good eating," said the leader research, Dr Ken Ong.

In his research, Ken asked more than 300 mothers to make comments about their baby's temperament and state whether they give breast milk or formula. A total of 137 infants was recorded exclusively breastfed, 88 exclusively bottle-fed, and 91 babies are breastfed are punctuated formula. Who attained their babies breast milk of mothers has a properties assessed temperamental and tend to cry more often.

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