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Breadfruit included in the genus Artocarpus (Moraceae family) that consists of 50 species of woody plants, which only grows in hot and humid region of Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. The fruit is round and rough thick-skinned, with light green and yellow colors with a weight of about 1.5 - 3 kg. Breadfruit can be used for food. People usually use them for snacks, such as boiled, fried, or made ​​chips and compote. There also are using it as raw material for flour and noodles.

Not many people who planted it. Besides lack of "sell", people do not really know the benefits of these plants. Often some people cutting down trees in the yard, and replace them with other crops such as banana or mango. But the truth is very useful breadfruit. The leaves have some health benefits, effective for treating various diseases such as liver, hepatitis, dental pain, itching, enlarged spleen, heart, and kidney. In fact, the people of Ambon use the bark for medicine withdraw blood for the woman who had given birth 8-10 days.

Breadfruit leaf is believed to contain some nutritious substances such as acid hidrosianat, asetilcolin, tannins, riboflavin, and so forth. These substances are also able to overcome the inflammation. Breadfruit leaves many benefits to health, because many people take advantage of breadfruit leaves to lower blood cholesterol levels, and save the kidney. Some experts doubt the efficacy of traditional medicine was breadfruit leaf. But the public already believes and prove the efficacy of breadfruit leaves that can cure heart disease and kidney.

According to doctors, no kidney malfunction due to several reasons. Among the sediment of kidney stones, enlarged prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, or immunological disease. In her case, renal failure caused by an enlarged prostate. Medically, the decline in kidney function due to aging would be more rapid progress because of an enlarged prostate clog the urinary tract.

Make a decoction of leaves boiled breadfruit: boiled breadfruit leaves that have been dried. The water is drunk every day of one glass. In his initial reaction was not felt. A month later then feel no change. Agency began to feel more fit, more fresh and urination becomes more fluent.

Breadfruit leaf was also to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol in the blood. Potions same as for the kidney, only added bangle. Mix a handful of leaves that have dried breadfruit and bangle brewed with hot water, like making tea. Taken every day as a substitute for tea.

How to make herb leaves breadfruit:
  1. Prepare 3 pieces of dark green leaves, but still on the limb. Then wash in running water.
  2. Furthermore chopped and sun to dry.
  3. Prepare a container, fill it with two liters of clean water. Keep the container made ​​of pottery clay, but if nobody else can also use stainless steel pans.
  4. Enter the dried leaves and then cooked to a boil, reserving the water until its volume by half.
  5. Next, add one liter of clean water, and boil again until the half. Then the filter was boiled breadfruit leaf. Water color red, like tea. It's a bit bitter. Please drink until they run out, should not be left to day. So forth. In order not to bother commute takes three pieces of leaves, should provide sliced ​​breadfruit leaves dry for a week. The trick, have dark green leaves as much as 3 x 7 = 21 pieces.

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