Thursday, May 26, 2011

Away From The Lazy Attitude

"If ..." This word is so familiar in everyday life. Knowingly or not, most people say it might be ordinary, "If I do this, of course, so-and-so, not so ..." Prophet Muhammad really did not like his people used the words 'if'. In fact, in a hadith the Prophet SAW said, "Indeed, if the sentence (if) brings to the act of the devil."

Sheikh Salih Ahmad al-Syaami, explains, the word 'if' does not bring the benefits entirely. According to him, although someone utter that phrase, he will not be able to restore what has been passed, and thwart the mistakes that have occurred. In his book entitled have a certain character and civilized Highness, Shaykh Al Syaami cautioned that the phrase 'if' can connote a false delusion, and something that is impossible.

Such an attitude is the attitude of the weak and lazy. Allah also hates the attitude of weak, incompetent, and lazy. In the hadith stated, "Allah denounce the attitude of weakness, not serious, but you must have a smart and workmanlike manner, but if you remain unbeaten by a lawsuit, then you say 'enough is Allah for a helper, and God's best protector. Agile and intelligent attitude on purpose, he said, do business and the actions that could lead to the success achieved something useful, either in this world and hereafter. This, continued Shaykh Al-Syaami, is a form of application of the law of causality that God has set.

The virtues of agile and intelligent attitude could be an opening that is charity good. Conversely, weak and lazy attitude, as in reminding the Prophet Muhammad, will only get closer to the devil. "Because, if a person is not able or lazy to do something useful for him to husband and society around, then he will always be someone who often daydream," he explained.

Such actions and attitudes, as well as counterproductive and would not lead to success, is tantamount to opening the door charitable deeds evil because Satan is none other than charitable attitude lazy and weak. They are, strictly as-Syaami, are the greatest losers.

Why does it say the greatest losers? Therefore, the nature of the lazy and weak is the key to any disaster. Like, it is definitely immoral acts occur because of weak faith and piety so that someone dares to defy the ban religion.

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