Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Marriage is not always a beautiful building. It is sometimes also adorned by the conflict. To maintain the integrity of the household, you should first identify the enemies of the marriage the following:

1. Excessive commitment
Often occurs in young couples. For marriage does not fall apart, should be more sharing time with each other if you want to love you both remain lit.

2. Financial Problems
Talk at the beginning of marriage, how committed you both about the financial problems. Allocate your money wisely.

3. Selfish

4. Intervention in-law
Many parents are still difficult to give autonomy to their children who are married, especially if the Son is the favorite son, the youngest or only child. If either husband or wife has not been fully emancipated from the parents, it's best not to live near or with them.

5. Unrealistic expectations

6. Do not give space
If the spouse does not give the necessary breathing room to their partner, for long it will suffocate and destroy the love between them. To remember is that love should be free and mutual trust.

7. Bad habits
A study shows, personal and household destruction often begins when the impact of one's bad habits or behaviors emerge. If we keep our lives clean and do not involve themselves in a close game with a crime, then bad things will be easier to anticipate.

8. Bussines stuff
Business success is often a trigger of conflict that could endanger the integrity of the household. Money and fame are often made them who are not ready to forget and break down their own households. Similarly with business failure.

9. Married too young
Surveys show that women who married at age below 17 years are two times more likely to divorce than those who married at age 18 to 20 years.

Well, if you intend to maintain over the life of marriage, there's no harm in anticipating the things above.

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