Thursday, April 7, 2011

Give Birth Signs

The give birth process at every woman is different. But there are some signs that give birth may help the mother to estimate when the delivery time arrives.

1. Engagement (decrease in the baby's head in the pelvis)
When delivery is near the baby's head started to go down to the pelvic bone. This is due to the softening of the uterus. In women who gave birth for the first time, a sign - a sign of labor occurred several weeks before actual delivery. As for the next pregnancy, a sign - this sign will be felt when approaching childbirth.

2. Regular Contractions and Pain Pain Of Uterus
"Mengejang" muscles of the uterus that begins from the top of the stomach, namely the peak towards the uterus throughout the uterus from the top down and finally felt the whole uterus. Contractions make the uterine muscles contorted and interesting and open cervix, pushing the baby's head toward the birth canal.

3. The exit of Mucus and Blood (Bloody Show)
This condition is caused by the process of clearing and leveling the cervix. Mucus was originally located and clog the mouth of the uterus. Because of the contraction which then opens the cervix then even this fluid out

4. Rupture of amniotic sac
The closer the process of birth, the amniotic sac that has been protecting the baby in the womb, will rupture and release the colored amniotic fluid clear or turbid because sometimes mixed with fatty skin. If this happens alleged deliveries will happen within 24 hours. babies are getting close to the dilation of the uterus.

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