Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Fruit Litchi & Stress

Fruit litchi is one type of fruit that a lot of rage. The fruit is also often a treat for the guests during a visit to local officials. Sweet taste with a thick flesh makes this fruit is very good as the body's energy source. Benefits of litchi fruit is also very much. To meet the high consumer demand, seasonal fruit is often made in the form of canned food or made into syrup. Litchi plants that can grow well only in areas of high and rather cold is also known to many benefits, from the roots, wood, until leaves. Society of China famous for its treatment has long herbal use the plant as a medicine.

Litchi fruit is an antioxidant fruit. Nutrients contained in fruit is protein, carbohydrate, crude fiber, vitamin C and minerals (calcium, phosphorus and iron). In addition, fruit litchi also contains polyphenols compounds, namely corilagin, gallic acid and ellagic acid. These three compounds contain antioxidants. Such compounds have the ability to ward off free radicals that can reduce oxidation in the body.

Benefits of litchi fruit more derived from the seeds and fruits than meat. Litchi seeds can be used as a skin bleaching, because it contains substances that can inhibit the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme has a function to change the melamine or skin pigment. Fle brown on the skin caused by the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. If the action of the enzyme is high, then the brown spots on the skin will be more and more.

With nutritional content, the benefits of litchi fruit to increase stamina and endurance, increase appetite, aid digestion, intestinal worms overcome disease, cure of hernia, leucorrhoea, strengthen spleen, promote and launch the red blood cells. The fruit is also very good to maintain eye health, intestinal health and helps absorption of nutrients by the body.

In addition to fruit, other parts of the tree litchi can also be used as a medicine. The leaves are useful to cure sore and cope with high fever, whereas the roots of litchi trees are useful in blood flow and launched a piss.

While the litchi seed is black round the world are also useful in treatment and is often used to stop bleeding and pain relievers. The content of saponin in the seeds of litchi fruit was also useful in the manufacture of shampoo.

The content of minerals and phytochemicals in fruits litchi also useful as a sedative and maintaining heart health. The Chinese healers used the fruit litchi in helping patients cope with nervous tension, palpitations, and cardiac abnormalities.

In a number of studies have also found benefits of litchi fruit in helping to overcome anxiety, insomnia, impaired concentration, as well as to relax the nerves. Because it is also very good fruit litchi consumed by the women's career, executive, and a hard worker who often suffer from stress and tension.

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