Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vinca Rosea For Health

Vinca Rosea known as an ornamental plant. The flowers are trumpet-shaped pink color like rose, with dark red in the middle, white with red in the middle. Name of site Doro / vinca known as tapakdara (pigeon trail) because of the long oval fruit were arranged in pairs, reminding people with toes (site) pigeon. Plants are lush with flowers blooming all year round this would make a great expanse of plants, barrier, edge crop (edging) or in pots.

Vinca Rosea has the power of environmental adaptation is quite good. Pest plants and aphids only about stem rot due to fungi. This disease can be overcome by keeping the media clean and spraying fungicide and insecticide on a regular basis. Almost all parts of the plant vinca beneficial to health. The leaves contain compounds that vincristine and vinblastine alkoloid. Both these compounds are potent antineocristine against cancer cells. Other plant parts such as flowers, fruit and stems contain alkoloida catharantine known as anti-cancer. Alkaloida catharantine contain substances similar to plasma cell cancer, if consumed, the cancer cells in the body will absorb it. As a result, the nucleus of cancer cells will be pressed and disappear.

In addition to overcoming cancer, and vindoline leurisine compounds contained vinca can be used as a substitute insulin for diabetics. Meanwhile, vinblastine and vincristine active substance believed to be able to tame leukemia, swelling of the spleen, breast cancer and malignant tumors.

Efficacy for the treatment of
  1. Burns: Pick a few leaves, finely mashed with rice until mushy. Glue on the exposed parts of the body burns. Acute lymphocytic leukemia: Drinking water decoction of 15 grams of vinca. Vinca Rosea leaf decoction is also suitable for curing hypertension or high blood pressure and diabetes.
  2. As a breast cancer drug: boil 22 vinca leaves and fruits of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and bark pulasari (Alyxia reinwardti) with three glasses of water. Season to taste brown sugar. After boiling until only half, strain. Decoction drunk three times a day each half-cup. Treatment is for at least a month.

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