Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whitish, do not Eating Cabbage and Cucumber

Normally, a small amount of fluid produced and removed from the pubic or vaginal opening. Vaginal fluid is an accumulation of fluid produced glands contained in the uterine wall, the wall of the cervix and vaginal walls. Normal vaginal discharge is usually odorless and least typical, clear or slightly colored white with a consistency that is not very liquid, not too thick.

Number of vaginal fluid can slightly increase a lot or thick in some normal or physiological conditions. These conditions are when the fertile period, during intercourse and during lactation (breastfeeding).

Whitish is the layman's terms that are used to condition the occurrence or production expenditures in excess of normal vaginal discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge is said if the amount exceeds the usual (to cause spotting stains in underwear), smells bad (rotten, putrid or sour), the consistency of thick, yellowish, greenish, brownish, may be accompanied by foaming, blood spots or itching and burning .

Cause of vaginal discharge manifold. The cause of vaginal discharge in a woman who had sexual intercourse is usually different from the causes of vaginal discharge in a virgin. Possible causes are infection (bacterial, fungi, parasites, viruses), irritation or allergic reaction to condoms or vaginal cleaning fluid, foreign bodies such as the spiral KB/IUD or even early signs of malignancy (especially if accompanied by bleeding).

Dangerous or not depends on the cause of vaginal discharge is whitish. While the influence of food on whiteness is not much supported by scientific evidence. Many say if it is whitish avoid foods that may stimulate mucus such as pineapple, cucumber, egg, and shrimp but this was never proven scientifically. Conversely, so far reported are women who consume lots of yogurt containing lactobacillus vaginal discharge rarely suffer more because of the fungus.

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