Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Tips For Your Kids To Eat Vegetable

There are 10 tips for your kids to eat vegetables:

1. Make a vegetable as unique as possible
Presenting the vegetables with a form that is too simple, one of the reasons why your child refuses to eat vegetables. Try serving vegetables with a more unique look, for example by changing the shape of a carrot like a star or a sunflower, turning the celery into a finger tip and be sure to cut the vegetables small as possible so easy to eat.

2. Hide vegetables
Try to hide the vegetables in the diet will be served. For example enter a few pieces of lettuce in the burger you made, make a carrot cake with the basic ingredients (carrot cake), make martabak noodles with vegetable content, such as grated carrots, onions and squash into small slices into spaghetti sauce.

3. Fried vegetables
Try altering the way to cook fried vegetables. Various kinds of vegetables that can be fried as fried corn, fried potatoes and fried eggplant.

4. Add sauce
Add the sauce to impart a more delicious for example by adding a cheese sauce, spaghetti sauce, butter sauce, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup and many more. Depending on what your kids dressing like.

5. Make rules
Make rules such as your children must eat two kinds of vegetables each day before they eat a dessert (dessert). Make sure you provide a wide range of options for veggies and do not let your kids break the rules.

6. Create a game with attractive prizes
Examples of game for your children such as those who ate the most vegetables and vary within 30 days will get a prize. You can also bring them to market and ask them to choose the vegetables they had never eaten before. For most children eat vegetables they choose for 30 days will get a prize of a bicycle or go to a place of recreation options. These games can help you to find out what vegetables most kids like. It became a challenge for you to create a new recipe.

7. Note
Consider what vegetables they most like to eat and always ask for at present. As you already know, make a menu of vegetables that they like as often as possible but you still have to try something new so your kids do not get bored.

8. Planting vegetables together
At holiday try new activities such as growing vegetables together in the backyard (if any) with your children. Also make sure that they eat the vegetables they planted before it became old and withered.
Eating vegetables is still fresh and straight from the garden is better because we can ascertain and monitor the cleanliness. Besides this activity can make children feel proud because they themselves had planted vegetables they eat.

9. Making soup variations
Making soup is a variation of one of the ways that your child can not stop eating vegetables for soup is one of the foods that are healthy and easy to modulate. For example, by making vegetable soup whose content is an alphabetical, corn soup mixed with whip cream to eat their morning special. You can make whip cream soup with a 'smiley face' thereby increasing their motivation to eat healthy foods.

10. You should also eat vegetables
Children usually imitate the habits of their parents. You as a parent give a good example for instance by ordering a salad when eating together with your baby in a restaurant and eat vegetables with gusto in front of your child so they moved to imitate it.

Introduce them in various foods early on. The earlier you introduce a variety of food ingredients, the better for them. When they were growing up later, various foodstuffs that have been introduced since early it will continue to eat. Do not get too focused on a variety of foods that do not like the little guy. Instead find out what he most liked. For example, he does not like carrots, but really liked the strawberry juice. Then you can mix the strawberry juice with carrot juice, so baby can still eat carrots in juice form. Do not get discouraged. Keep looking for creative ways to make children comfortable while eating.

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