Friday, March 25, 2011

Mengkudu/Noni Fruit

The prevalence of hypertension or high blood pressure in Indonesia is quite high. According to data of Household Health Survey 1995, namely 8.3% per 100 household members. In general, more women suffer from this disease than men. This figure is quite alarming, considering that hypertension is one disease that is incurable and each year has increased the number of sufferers.

There are several solutions that have long been used in general to suppress the disease such as hypertension and diabetes, among others, exercise and diet on a regular basis. Which is considered the most practical and many consumers is the use of chemical drugs. But today more conscious of health and natural medicine, traditional medicines based on herbs often be chosen by the public. One of them, Mengkudu/noni fruit called Morinda Citrifolia scientific, is one of the more nutritious plants in consumption. Noni is officially classified as a national medicinal plants, in particular the use of capacity, the fruit is nutritious restore a variety of diseases that take a long time in healing.

From Pre Clinical Test results there is evidence of effective and safe citrifolia in lowering high blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar levels and do not give side effects. It's certainly encouraging results for patients with hypertension and diabetes. Noni contain active substances that are very useful for controlling diabetes, cancer, diabetes reduce disturbance, chronic hepatitis, pelvic pain, headaches, impaired renal function, bladder stones, thyroid hormone disruption and immune deficiency diseases due to Epstein-Barr virus, candidas chronic, disease caused by HIV infection, lack of energy or Altered Energy Syndrome (AES).

Mengkudu/Noni can cure so many diseases. Because this fruit is found in substances that can stimulate the formation of the immune response, clean up the blood, regulating cell function, regeneration of damaged cells and inhibit tumor growth. This fruit also contains a substance proven to increase endurance, normalize blood pressure, relieve pain, anti-inflammatory and allergy, regulate mood cycles and adjust the body's energy cycle. Although the full benefits of this fruit, lots of people are still reluctant to consume them, because taste and smell less pleasant.

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